People often visit their friends and relatives during their spare time. This keeps relationships strong and the feel of sharing some good times together remains with them. Leisure time can become quite dangerous and harmful if it is not utilized properly. If a man remains unoccupied then he begins to indulge in undesirable activities. He may keep day dreaming and that often leads to dullness and a lack of alertness in a person. “An idle mind is a devils, workshop.

” This is often said about those who have too much leisure time on hand. Gossip is one of the most harmful effects of the mal utilization of leisure time. Rumour mongers use this time to cook up new stories about people they are jealous of or those they dislike. Some indulge in gambling and others evil designs. Some people take to drugs and get addicted to alcohol or smoking.

Such things have to be avoided and one must always be careful about getting roped into such activities one has time to spare.


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