“Right do while away from work, work

“Right used.” It all depends upon that. For holidays may be abused. If the holidays are spent in stupid idleness, or in an exhausting round of exciting amusements, or shut up in close stuffy rooms drinking and playing, or in any other unhealthy way, the boy or man will come back to his work tired, listless, and uninterested. The holidays, instead of doing good, have done harm, much more harm than steady work could ever do. How can holidays, then, be best used, so that at the end of it we shall come back to our work with energies renewed and interest keener than ever? If we are students, or have been shut up in stuffy offices, we should get away into the pure air of the country and live a healthy, open air life, enjoying games or sports.

We should avoid unhealthy amusements, keep early hours and get plenty of refreshing sleep. We should not be completely idle. Change of occupation is a rest.

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If we have a little regular work to do while away from work, work that we take an interest in, it will make our holiday not only healthier, but more enjoyable.


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