under the leadership of educational

In the 1990s, under the leadership of educational psychologist Donald O.

Clifton, Gallup developed the Clifton Strengths Finder as a measure of personal talent that could be administered online. With this assessment tool, people can identify where their greatest potential lies in building their strengths from the perspective of PositivePsychology. Clifton was interested in this question: “What would happen if westudied what is right with people?” This became the basis of his research. Bymaximising talents through practice, combined with the relevant skills andknowledge, individuals can achieve excellence consistently, and this becomes theirstrength.  Thus, the Clifton StrengthsFinder aims to identify Signature Themes of talent as a starting point, initiatinga strengths-based development process in work and academic settings to achievesuccess.

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 There are 177 items and34 themes presented, each item consisting a pair of potential self-descriptors.The descriptors are placed as if they are opposite ends of a continuum. The personthen need to choose the descriptor that best describes him or her, and how muchthat chosen option describes him or her. There is a time limit of 20 seconds torespond before the assessment automatically presents the next pair.


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