Such efficiency. People exposed to radioactive substances are

Such modern farming practices have brought in Green Revolution but have caused serious environment problems. The nor-biogradable cholirnated hydro­carbons like D.D.T.

used as pesticides are found in every living plant and animal around the world. The crises of population versus food and resources alone would be a massive challenge the for humanity to face over next 20-30 years. Rapid industrialization and modern technology have led to a serious deterioration in environment. As a factor in human health and well- being, environment pollution is a serious cause for alarm, specially in developed countries where the most of it, is produced. Air pollution in highly industrialised cities had led to an increase in respiratory diseases. It damages trees and crops as well as human tissues. Water pollution also poses a serious threat.

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The common pollutants in the waste are insecticides, industrial waters, sewage, fertilizers and other kinds of wastes. Polluted waters can cause and spend large number of water borne diseases. Modern life has become very noisy. The noise of traffic in big cities and aeroplanes and noisy machines all take their toll in affecting the human hearing apparatus and reducing the efficiency. People exposed to radioactive substances are likely to develop cancer.

Man’s impact on environment has reached a state when “pollution” in usual sense is only a part of the problem. His activities now present a grave danger to the entire planet Earth which nourished and supports us all.


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