3. document is not ‘clean’ but ‘clause’. 6.


L/C had prescribed both expiry date and last shipping date. Exporter got the expiry date extended, but did not ask for extension of the shipping date and failed to stick to the original shipping date. 4. Between the date of actual shipment and the presentation of documents to bank, more than 21 days have elapsed Or In the L/C it was specifically stated that the exporter should present the docu­ments to the bank so many days (not exceeding 21 days) after the shipment date, but the party failed to comply with this requirement. 5. Shipping document is not ‘clean’ but ‘clause’.

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6. Shipping document is not of a type prescribed in the L/C. 7. Shipping document does not give adequate evidence of its being an ‘on-board’ document whereas the L/C had prescribed ‘on-board’.

8. Shipping document shows that goods have been shipped on deck, without any authority for such a course having been specifically mentioned in the L/C. 9. A charter party B/L is furnished to the bank without specific authorisation. 10. Commercial invoice presented to the bank does not on its face appear to be issued by the exporter and or it is not made out in the name of the importer. 11.

The currency and the amount stated in the invoice do not correspond to those given in the L/C. 12. Description of goods as given in the invoice is not the same as given in the L/C. 13. Invoice lists some goods or costs which are not stipulated in the L/C.

14. Insurance document does not appear, to have been issued and signed by an insurance company or an underwriter or an agent of any one of them. 15.

Insurance Document has been issued in more than one original, but all the originals are not presented to bank. 16. Insurance cover has been issued by brokers.

17. Insurance document bears a date of insurance later than the ‘date of loading on board’ or ‘date of dispatch’ or ‘date of taking in charge’. 18. Insurance cover is not in specified currency. 19. The Insurance amount mentioned in the relevant document is not in conformity with the stipulation that it should be plus 10% of the amount mentioned in L/ C or amount mentioned in Invoice. 20.

Packing list does not contain necessary details such as, number of units in each package, container breakdown, etc. 21. Marks given in the packing list are not consistent with those on the B/L. 22. The certificate of origin has not been attested/authenticated by the required organisation. 23.

Results of analysis as given in the certificate of analysis do not agree with those given in L/C or with data in other accompanying documents. 24. The data given in various documents do not appear to be consistent with each other. 25. Some of the documents are not complete. 26.

Some documents presented to the bank are not in prescribed form or in prescribed number. 27. Shipment is short and thus invoice amount and L/C amount do not tally and partial drawings have not been agreed to.

28. Bill of Exchange has been drawn on a wrong party. 29. Bill of Exchange is payable on an indeterminate date.

30. L/C had asked for some important declaration, e.g.

a declaration to this effect that shipment advice has already been sent to importer and no document giving that declaration is presented to the bank.


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