Re: privilege to serve them with the same

Re: You’re Account No. __________ with us. We regret to note that you have closed your above account with us. We surely believe that this closure did not result from any act of omission on our part. It might have been due to circumstances beyond your control. As you know this is always our practice to render helpful service to our clients and leave no scope for complaint against us, yet if we have been at fault, you must feel at ease to tell us frankly so.

We always appreciate constructive criticism and are prepared to review any of our acts of omission or commission. However, if your decision to close this account is final and if you are not opening a new account anywhere else, then it is a different matter. But in case the need arises to open another account, we hope, you will only do it here with us.

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You hardly need to be reassured that we always welcome and value our old customers, and consider it a privilege to serve them with the same customary zeal. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)Branch Manger Dated __________

2. Letter to Customer for Recovery of Amount Wrongly Credited to his Account

To(Name)(Address) Dear Sir, Re: You’re S.B. A/c ____________ with us We had on (Date).

Inadvertently credited to your above- quoted account a sum of ____________ (Amount) which actually should have gone to another customer’s account. When our attention was drawn to this by the concerned customer, we went into our books and found that you had already withdrawn that amount vide your cheque No. ____________ dated ____________. As we must rectify this mistake and credit the sum to the correct account, we request you to deposit the said amount with us without delay. We hope you appreciate our position in this regard. We are sure you withdrew the amount without the knowledge of the wrong credit afforded to your account. We are sorry for the mistake on our part and regret the inconvenience that it might cause you. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)Branch Manager


Letter to Customer Regarding Minimum Balance

To,(Name)(Address) Dear Sir, Re: You’re Account No. ____________ with us On a review of our books we find that you have not been maintaining the prescribed minimum balance in your above-mentioned account. I may, therefore, draw attention to our rule No. 19 (mentioned in the first few pages of the pass-book with you ) according to which a minimum balance of ____________ (Amount) is essentially to be maintained by any customer desiring withdrawals by cheque. Please make arrangement to remit the necessary amount and also ensure that a shortfall like this is not repeated.

We could have dishonoured your last cheque which led to the shortfall, but our consideration for your reputation as an old, reputable customer did not allow us to do so. We likewise trust that you will co-operate with us in this regard and do the needful without further delay. Assuring you of our best service, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)Branch Manager Dated ____________


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