3 valuable time so always do one thing

3 time management tips that actually work how much time do you spend every day on useless things on an average person spends 2-3 hours every day on things that do not help him personally or professionally. An effective time management plan allows you to balance important aspects of our life as work rest and family relationships.

 this is important because a constant sense of lack of time can lead stress which will certainly affect you and your relationships with others. Try this three important time management tips that can make your day more productive- 1- priorities set priorities based on importance and urgency of work. It is easy to do 10 small works then 1 big work. There would be a small benefit in the first case in comparison to 1 big work.

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You can postpone small things but you should not postpone important things. Doing really important and necessary thing in 2 hours it will be much better than spending 5 hours to solve some minor problems. Sometimes you think that you can do 3 things at a time and save time to do other works but it does not work always. You lose your valuable time so always do one thing at a time to get better results. 2- planning an important part of any competent time management is planning.

 how do you know what to do if you do not have a plan what is the meaning of doing something if you do not have a plan if you do not have a plan then you have no goals and if there are no goals then all this do not make sense. You can save 2 hours a day yes. but for what you will save them you need them to do something useful and a list of useful things is the plan.

Everyday decides the work and time you will spend on completing the work. Its not necessary that you decide each and everything for yourself like when you will drink coffee just make plans for most important things of the day. But when you are ready with a plan then stick to it.

3- focus this is one of the most important things that you can do to achieve success in time management. successful people keep themselves as focused as possible on the task. dont open any tab of youtube or facebook or any other social network that distracts you. One link leads to another and you have already wasted your 2 hours.

Decide time for the particular task and stay focus on it keep your mobile away close all unnecessary tabs and complete your task in that time. Dont ignore your health; take small breaks from your work. For full concentration and for best result you should not be tired stressed. Take good night sleep and skip working on weekends. 


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