2. employee must be provided operational knowledge


Specific Orientation Programme:At this stage, induction is conducted by the foreman. Induction is specific and requires skill on the part of the foreman. A new employee must be provided operational knowledge that is specific to the position and location. The immediate boss (foreman) is responsible for training and induction. Every new employee should know, (a) The people who work with him. (b) The work he is responsible for.

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(c) The result he is supposed to accomplish. (d) The current status of the work. (e) His relationships in the organisation. (f) Reports and records he must understand and maintain. (g) Operating policies, procedures and rules and (h) Service group available to help him. The purpose of specific induction is to enable an employee to adjust himself to his work environment. 3. Follow-up Induction Programme:The purpose of follow-up induction programme is to find out whether the employee is reasonably satisfied with the job.

It is usually conducted by the foreman or by a specialist from the personnel department. Guidance and counseling efforts are made to remove the difficulties experienced by the newcomer. Usually, follow up induction takes place after about one or two months from the time of appointment.


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