(b) motor car, a coach, an aero

(b) Attractions/Locale (c) Accommodation


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Transport:There can be no travel if there were no transport. Travel involves movement of people and this is possible only if there is some mode of transport. Connectivity is very vital for tourism development, this could be possible only if adequate transportation infrastructure and access to destination is efficient, comfortable and inexpensive. A tourist, in order to get to his destination therefore, needs some mode of transport. This mode of transport may be a motor car, a coach, an aero plane, a ship or a train which enables a traveller to reach his pre-determined destination as per his budget.

2. Locale:The locale may include the holiday destination and what it offers to the tourist. The holiday destination may offer natural attractions like sunshine, scenic beauty or sporting facilities, etc. The locale, with its attractions and amenities, is the most important as these are very basic to tourism.

Unless these are there, the tourists will not be motivated to go to a particular place. However, since interests and tastes of tourists vary widely, they might choose from a wide range of attractions available at various destinations all over the world. Tourist demands are also very much susceptible to changes in fashion. Fashion is an important factor in the demand for various tourist attraction and amenities.

The tourists who visit a particular place for its natural beauty may decide to some other attractions due to a change in fashion. Peter has drawn up an inventory of the various attractions which are of significance in tourism. The five categories are given in the following table. According to Robinson, the attractions of tourism are, to a very large extent, geographical in character. Location and accessibility (whether a place has a coastal or inland position and the ease with which a given place can be reached) are important. Physical space may be thought of as a component for there are those who seek the wilderness and solitude. Scenery or landscape is a compound of landforms, water and the vegetation and has an aesthetic and procreative value. Climatic conditions, especially in relation to the amount of sunshine, temperature and precipitation (snow as well as rain), are of special significance.

Animal life may be an important attraction, firstly, in relation, to bird watching or viewing game in their natural habitat and, secondly, for sporting purposes, e.g., fishing and hunting. Man’s impact on the natural landscape in the form of his settlements, historical monuments and archaeological remains is also a major attraction. Finally, a variety of cultural features-ways of life, folklore, artistic expressions, etc.

provide valuable attractions to many. 3. Accommodation:Accommodation plays a central role and is very basic to tourist destinations. World Tourism Organisation in its definition of a tourist has stated that the tourist must spend at least one night in the destination visited to be qualified as a tourist.

This presupposes availability of some kind of accommodation. The demand for accommodation away from one’s home is met by a variety of facilities. The range and type of accommodation is quite varied and has undergone considerable changes since last half a century. There has been a decline in the use of boarding houses and small private hotels.

Larger hotels are increasing their share of holiday trade, especially in big metropolitan areas and popular tourist spots. In more traditional holiday and seaside resorts in Europe and elsewhere, bit hotels are keeping their share of holiday resorts. In recent years some changes have been reflected in the type of accommodation. There has been a increasing demand for more non- traditional and informal type of accommodation.

The latest trends in accommodation are holiday villages. In recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of such accommodation. Accommodation may in itself be an important tourist attraction. In fact, a large number of tourists visit a particular destination or town simply because there is a first class luxury hotel or resort which provides excellent services and facilities.

Some countries like Switzerland, Holland, France, Austria and Belgium have gained a reputation for providing excellent accommodation with good cuisine. Many hotel establishments elsewhere in various countries, especially the resort hotels, have gained a reputation for their excellent cuisine, services and facilities. The French Government for instance, paved the way for tourist development of Corsica by launching a big hotel development programme.


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