1. industry, finance and business methods. 5.

1. Educational background 2. Business experience 3. Personal characteristics.

1. Educational Background:

Although, normal education on purchasing is given at university level, yet purchase manager must be specialised in his field.

He must preferably be master in business administration with legal background.

2. Business Experience:

Business experience is most necessary for the position of purchase manager. As it is a high ranking position, he must possess experience in similar capacity in other organisations.

Some companies impart training in the lower categories of purchasing staff. Those, who have got the required business experience, fit in the position of purchase manager well. The other qualifications of the purchasing officer are also mentioned by the various experts in purchasing, as follows: 1. He must insist on the fulfillment of deliveries by suppliers as indicated in the orders and thus ensure a steady supply. 2. He should be well conversant with economic principles of demand and supply, price, etc. 3. He should have a working knowledge of laws relating to contracts and sale of goods so that he may be able to negotiate and enter into contracts on suitable terms.

4. He should have practical knowledge of the industry, finance and business methods. 5. He should maintain complete record of maximum and minimum stores required, quotations from suppliers, supplies ordered, price charged, etc. 6. He should be aware of the policy of the management.

7. He should have an up to date knowledge of government policies regarding import and export restrictions and various duties and taxes on commodities. 8. He must know how to negotiate. 9. He should be honest and reliable.


Personal Characteristics:

Followings are the personal characteristics of a purchase manager: (a) Initiative (b) Tact (c) Ability to learn (d) Dependability (e) Integrity (f) Industriousness (g) Ability to work on details (h) Co-operation. (a) Initiative: The constant search for alternative sources of supply of alternative materials is one area where initiative is very important. (b) Tact: Tact is most important single characteristics of a purchase manager. He must be tactful in maintaining sound and friendly vendor relations. A tactless purchase officer may inadvertently antagonize a supplier whose goodwill and cooperation have been cultivated over many years.

(c) Ability to learn: A good purchase manager should have an inquisitive mind. He must always be seeking information about his company’s product, materials and processes etc. (d) Dependability: Efficiency of purchase department depends on the reliability of purchase officer. A purchase officer must be dependable in the execution of duties entrusted to him. (e) Integrity: Purchase manager spends huge amount of company’s money. They must be immune to financial temptation in the form of inordinate gift or bribery and he should not be swayed by economic consideration.

(f) Industriousnesa: Knowledge of materials and its sources is acquired only after training and experience. During the rapid business expansion, industriousness of a purchase manager is tested by long hours working. (g) Ability to work on details: A good purchase manager should have an inquisitive mind. He must always be seeking information about his companies’ producer, materials and processes etc. (h) Co-operation: A purchase manager should have an unusual ability to cooperate.

Cooperation is essential to minimise the friction that arises out of his day-to-day working.


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