The extent to which a

(3) The extent to which a supervisor is comfortable working in and leading a team as opposed to issuing orders and solving problems himself/herself in a directive manner.

(4) The extent to which a supervisor is capable of tolerating ambiguity and having control over the decision-making process. (5) The extent to which a supervisor is aware of her own strengths and weaknesses. (b) Characteristics of Teachers:(1) The extent of subordinates’ need for independence. (2) The level of subordinates’ professional and psycho-social maturity and their willingness to assume responsibility for decision-making. (3) The extent of subordinates’ tolerance for ambiguity. (4) The extent of goal-clarity and goal-acceptance among subordinates. (5) The extent of subordinates’ interest in the problem and the importance attached to the problem under consideration. (c) Characteristics of Environment:(1) Authority and power systems in the organization.

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(2) Organizational climate-its nature. (3) Normative culture of the institution. (4) Role expectations and belief patterns in the institution. (5) Nature, complexity and consequences of the task. (6) Nature and type of the goal.


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