3 Articles of confederation.Proposed PlansVirginia PlanBoth houses

3 Constitutional underpinnings of United States GovernmentConsiderations that influenced the formulation and adoption of the ConstitutionThe first form of Government came from the articles of confederationOnly gave the federal government little powerCongress couldn’t collect taxes or regulate businessConstitutional ConventionStarted September 1786 at the Annapolis Convention, Delegates from 5 states met for a constitutional convention in order to discuss improvements to the Articles of confederation.Proposed PlansVirginia PlanBoth houses of legislature would be proportionateThe lower house will be elected by the people and the Higher house will be elected by the lower house.Created a judiciary that gave both the executive and house power to veto and subject to overrideWritten by James MadisonNew Jersey PlanWilliam Paterson was called to contemplate the planThreaten the limit of power the states have, making the legislature proportionate to the populationThe same Continental Congress but granting new powers like levying taxes and force collectionExecutives serve a single term and subject to recall on the request of state governorsPlan ultimately rejectedHamilton’s PlanResembled the british system of strong centralized governmentConsolidating the state’s into a single nationBicameral legislature Lower house elected by the people for three yearsUpper house would be elected by governors chosen by the people and would serve for lifeGovernors had life term service and absolute veto over billsState governors would be appointed but the national legislature and the national legislature had veto power over any state legislationPinckney’s PlanWritten by Charles PinckneyConfederation among thirteen states with bicameral legislation made up with a Senate and house of delegatesOne member for every thousand inhabitantsHouse would elect senators by rotation for four years and represent one of four regions


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