3. desirous of terminating its membership may

3. Allied Members 1.

Active Members: Any air transport enterprise which has been licensed to operate a scheduled air service under proper authority in the transport of passengers, mail or cargo between the territories of two nations, is eligible to become an active member of the association. These members have various rights, duties and responsibilities prescribed in the articles of association. Presently, there are more than 275 air transportation companies from 200 countries on the membership register in this category. 2. Associate Members: Associate membership is open, to any organization/enterprise operating in Air transport under the Flag of the state and eligible to qualify as member of ICAO is eligible to become associate member of IATA. After a period of ninety days, any associate member comes to be qualified for active membership. However, its associate membership shall be automatically terminated, unless during such period it shall apply to the Executive Committee for transfer to active membership.

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Any member desirous of terminating its membership may do so by giving notice to the Director General. Further, the membership of a member may be terminated by the Executive Committee on following counts but only after due substantiation: i. A breach by the member concerned of one or more articles of the association or any regulation; ii. Failure by the member concerned to comply with any procedures of the association.

iii. Adoption of unprofessional and illegal practices. 3. Allied Members: Allied members are those who after membership can deal with airlines tickets and can use IATA Logo for all purposes. These types of membership are open to travel agencies/ tour operators and those who are selling airline tickets to the general public on behalf of airlines. Application for the membership in the association must be submitted in prescribed form for the consideration and action of the executive committee and all such applicants can become active, associate or allied members, only after approval of IATA. However, any organization whose membership application is rejected by the Executive Committee has every right to appear in the next General Meeting of members and the action taken thereat is deemed to be final.


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