2. name itself connotes, these are the services/facilities

2. Resident Oriented Products (ROPs):

As the name itself connotes, these are the services/facilities such as means of communication, banking services, health services, safety and security services (police) and so forth which are not only crucial and fundamental for the residents of the destination area but equally of substance for the tourists.

3. Basic Tourism Products or Background Tourist Elements (BTOs or BTLs):

The natural and man made tourist attractions are known as BTOs. As the success of a destination primarily depends on the variety and uniqueness of its BTOs and, therefore, these are termed as Basic Tourism products.

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Such a type of products are also typified by the term Background Tourist Elements (BTLs) as these don’t enter into a direct sale/ purchase transaction while whatever is transacted at the tourist place can be wholly put down to the existence of the BTLs. In fact, BTLs can also be considered as ‘tourist resources’ or the input – the raw material of the tourism industry which with the help of human efforts is transformed into products on offeror ‘the destination’. For the reason that the human resources have the principal role in tourism from the potential resources identification stage to tourism product (destination) planning, plan execution and finally quality services delivery stage, tourism industry is generally termed as ‘people’s industry’.


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