3.2. to build a graphical user interface, a

3.2. Visual Studio 2017The main integrateddevelopment environment of Microsoft.

Allows programming of the scripts alongwith Web services, Web applications, Web sites and Windows Form supported byMicrosoft Windows, Windows Mobile, . Net Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.Visual Studio has acode editor that supports Intelligence technology and code rewriting. It alsocontains an interpreter that detects run-time errors.

The interpreter detectsspelling errors in codes. It also includes a sample designer to build agraphical user interface, a web designer, and a class designer. Data anddesigner for crystal reports.The Visual Studiocontains a code editor that supports syntax and automatic completion. It alsouses smart technology to asset   the programmer to write variables, functions,methods and courses quickly. The editor supports the writing of all theprogramming and coding languages ??contained in the Visual Studio.Visual Studio’s codeeditor also supports the ability to bookmark the code to help with fastbrowsing, also supports the possibility of collapsing and expanding codegroups, searching and replacing in code, and also supports code snippets, whichare ready templates of code to be inserted and changes within the projects inprogress. Also the possibility of rewriting the code.

A developmentenvironment and a programming language from Microsoft based on the famous BASIClanguage. They are categorized as object programming languages. Since Microsoftbegan to release Visual Basic, it has been very successful and popular amongprogrammers because of its extreme ease in the face of the extreme complexityfaced by any programmer seeking to program Windows using C or C ++.

Overall,Visual Basic complies with database and application applications for smallbusinesses and account software. It is convenient, easy and purpose-oriented.It also allows the programmer to focus on solving the problem.

He often has notechnical difficulties when writing a Visual Basic program. However, it shouldbe noted that the Visual Basic programs are not fully translated into machinelanguage such as C ++ or Delphi, but translated into a middle code thatcommunicates with a “Run Time library” called MSVBM.dll with thereplacement of question marks with the version number.  3.2.

SQL 2014SQL stands for structured Query language Is a relational database program produced byMicrosoft, the main function for it save and update and modifying the data iscoming from c programing and it is had a lot of advantage:1.    Data managementSQL Server allows you to manage and exploit vast amounts ofdata smoothly and securely. in SQL Server solutions  provide you hours of time and minimize errorswith built-in compression and partitioning. And with the use of a huge amountof data and the growth of the institution continuously and add more and moredevices. Finding a solution can be very costly and inefficient. SQL ServerCapability Data compression, backup and database can be an advantage fororganizations seeking to increase space and processing power without incurringexcessive costs or maintaining and producing headaches.

2.    ConnectivityWith SQL Server, you can manage multiple types of datathrough a single database to get the greatest value from your data. This maymean showing profits from different projects along with relevant data that canshow your business success and work to improve them. will work with yourcompany on its goals to integrate your data in a way that specifically servesyour best needs.3.    Ease of useSQL Server enables users to make data easy to recover withbuilt-in data mining integrates SQL Server into familiar tools like MicrosoftWord and Excel, bringing your data directly to your fingertips.4.     AuditWhether it isgovernment regulations, medical compliance, or to meet the specific needs ofthe organization, auditing can be a daunting, complex task.

SQL Server in Auditprovides a centralized mechanism to capture a database server or related procedures.   3.2. SQL 2014 Is a Microsoftprogrammatic framework for running programs that can be installed on computersloaded with Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is usually supplied withthe operating system (for both client and server as well as for mobile).

Theoperating system includes Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. It isavailable free of charge on the Microsoft website for download for Windows XPand Windows Server 2003. The .NET Framework is also available for download fromthe site, but as a separate version. The .

NET Framework isa link between the program and the operating system, to produce or run programsindependent of the machine, ie programs that can work regardless of theenvironment and the device on which you work, only provide a .NET Framework forthe programs originally built for this framework. The .net frameworkstands between the operating system and our software, and the operating systemstands between it and the hardware. This brings the picture closer tounderstanding.

The software requests services from the .NET framework, and theframework connects these requests to the operating system. Here is the mostimportant feature of the Dot Net (the ability to work on any device) .

Net tothe 0perating system by type, and the operating system to hardware by type, ourprogram, which we wrote on Windows XP, for example, when running on Vista, thesame orders Which we wrote on XP will be implemented in Vista because the DotNet framework can “speak XP and can speak Vista”, which frees theprogrammer from rewriting his program for each system. “Any device”means: laptops, mobile phones.


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