Social UpliftmentTrust believes that ecological disturbance and environmental problems areposing a grave situation for humanity. Environmental pollution, waterpollution, food pollution etc. are really causing a big worry for thepeople. Organization is trying to streamline following interventions throughsocial action and campaign.

Ø  Introductionto Ecology & Environment to school children and youth through developmentand building of Concept of ecology, Community ecology, Ecosystem ecology, Majorecosystem of the world, Geographical ecology, Marine ecology and oceanographicenvironment, Evolutionary ecology, Political ecology.Ø  GlobalEnvironmental Issues- Ozone depletion, Sea level rise, Antarctica:environmental politics and resource development, Marine resources: aninternational perspective, Environmental management of offshore oil & gasdevelopment, Sustainable development: an international perspective.Ø  EnvironmentalEducation- Environmental management, Indian rivers the wise use concept andfuture strategy, Natural environment, Pollution: what where and why, Mining andenvironment.

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Ø  Populationand Community Ecology- Ecology of population, Social behavior and populationinteraction, World population growth, the psychosocial consequences ofcrowding, Ecology and future of the man.Ø  NaturalResource Conservation- Wildlife conservation in India, Floral and faunaldistribution in India, Endangered species of India, Ethnos botanicalstudies in India. Bio resources, Wildlife resources and national parks, Conceptof energy, Biodiversity.Ø  EnvironmentalProtection and Law- Air, water and noise pollution, The environmentalprotection act 1986, Air pollution act 1981, Water pollution act 1974, Airpollution- legal control, Wild life (protection) act 1972, Wild life(protection) amendment act 1991.Ø  Environmentalimpacts assessment- Methods of impacts analysis, Air environment, Waterenvironment, Noise environment, Socio- economic environment, Culturalenvironment, Biological environment, Public participation environment, EIArelated study.Ø  PollutionMonitoring and Control- Air pollution monitoring and control, Waste watertreatment, Water supply management, Industrial pollution assessment,Environmental auditØ  EnvironmentalResearch- Analysis of water quality, Systems approach to environmentalproblems, Solid waste management, Management and handling of hazardoussubstances.

Ø  Stateof India’s Environment- Land and forest management,Environmental health, Habitat people and environment, Living resources.  


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