Writing of the various writing formats used

Writing is one of the most essential skills that shouldbe learned and practiced by everyone. After all, it’s one of the foundations ofbecoming a well-educated individual. It’s also a method of communication whereyou deliver your ideas and thoughts through words whether it’s in college, yourworkplace or even in the community. In AUS, there are four writing courses thatstudents need to complete in order to be eligible to graduate.

These coursesprepare students to be able to write clearly and concisely later on in theirworkplace. A couple of these courses include WRI 101 and WRI 102. To begin with, WRI 101 introduces the basics of APA,which stands for the American Psychological Association. It’s one of thevarious writing formats used in academic documents such as essays, journals,articles and books. It includes citation, quotation, paraphrasing and summary.

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WRI101 also introduces the basics of academic style which is a style of writingwith an element of formality. Usually, 3rd person and clear tensesare used, vague and cliched phrases are avoided and the text written should beclear and concise. Where as for WRI 102, It introduces critical writing whichfocuses on analyzing and evaluating texts in addition to information literacyskills. It’s a crucial skill that involves indicating whether a piece ofinformation is important and needed. WRI 102 focuses on efficacious use of sources and forming cogent arguments which arenon-deductive strong arguments that have a true proposition. In addition, thiscourse builds on the analytic thinking, argument, critical reading skills andthe academic style that were previously developed in WRI 101.In comparison, WRI 101 is focused on criticalthinking and reading, invention, analysis and the rhetorical situation which ismade up of a writer, an issue, a written text and an audience which is theinstructor in this case. The types of essays introduced in WRI 101 includeanalysis and introductory argument essays.

On the other hand, WRI 102 presentsevaluation essays, short research essays, and argument/persuasion essays. In conclusion, students who completethose two-writing course will be able to write around 6 types of essaysprofessionally. The outcomes of WRI 101 and WRI 102 are extremely crucial andcan be used in the workplace of students later on after they graduate. They’llbe able to write lab reports, research papers, design descriptions, articles,journals, books and many other publications. 


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