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From American Economic Review. Volume 82 Pages 341–345, Full employment meansis when everyone can have to work looking for employment can find it within areasonable amount of time and effort.More technically, Person Prentice Hall  on journal Economics journal pages 335, said in casedof macroeconomics, full employment is defined as the level ofemployment at which there is no cyclical or deficient demand unemployment. Unemployment refers to the number ofpeople in a country who are willing and able to wok but are unable to findjobs.Therate of unemployment is a number of people unemployed expressed as a percentageof the labour force, where the labour force consists of all those in employment(including members of the armed forces, the self-employed and those onwork-related government training programmes), plus the number of peopleunemployed.In employment,demographic changes create both opportunities and threats on the insuranceindustry specially in Indonesia, include following:o     Theageing population and increasing dependency ratio means that even more demandswill be placed on pensions funds in the future. He prospect of an increasingnumber of pensions living even longer creates a major challenge for long terminsurance companies to design new pension product.

o     Thehigher proportion of older people in the population also creates an increasingdemand for certain types of insurance product such as annuities, productguaranteeing long term care, and pensioner-friendly house and motor insurancepolicies)o     Withregard to immigration, the growing Muslim population in Indonesia, has createdan increasing level of demand for Islamic insurance product (Takaful orSyariah). 1.   Balanceof payments equilibrium and state exchange rateTounderstand about equilibrium and state exchange rate we have to understandabout money, income and expenditure, the role of money and considersmacroeconomic dynamics in Indonesia by examining the determinants of economicgrowth and business cycles.Theflow of income and expenditure in a highly simplified model of a macro-economyare show in this picture below

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