Definition of Fashion Art Illustration


Definition of Fashion Art Illustration’Illustration’ has the dictionary mean of ‘an instance, a cut, an explanatorydrawing, an example, etc’. Its origin is ‘Illumination’, which is the compoundword of ‘Lim-Limm’ and ‘Luminer’. Also, ‘Lumination’ can be explaineddifferently such as ‘a drawing for lightening’, ‘one for looking better’, ‘onefor description’, and ‘one for interior’. As you see in the above,’Illustration’ does not mean only ‘to move an abstract language into picture’but also ‘to extend the cycle of the mean by adding one symbol on the otherones’.1) The original word of Illustration is ‘to make light explain’. It meansthat the sentiment of invisible world is clearly opened and defined to publicthrough lighting and visualization.

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In other words, it shows the nature ofcommunication to inform to human beings’, which describes the characteristic ofIllustration as it is. Therefore, Illustration is an internal expression worldby human being’s imagination and has a communication function as the meaningfuldrawing. Putting it concretely, Illustration might be “Cuts” in newspapers,magazines and advertisements to supplement or highlight the content, while itsdefinition in the study of Art, is “the drawing to be ordered” that thetraditional sketch of human body is done for others by drawing or paintingwithin the fine art. Illustration is the picture for an advertisement ofmagazine and printing in which an idea is expressed with visual effect ofphotos or pictures.

It means to “Visual” including actuality, comic, cuts anddesign as well as pictorial expression, and to ‘Plane or Cubic Molding’ whichis drawn, made or sculptured in various expression forms.2) Also, Illustrationis a drawing that a traditional sketch of human body is done and published withtexts for others by drawing or painting within fine art, and the picture to beordered for some purpose


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