(ii) lives, naturally occurring bacteria and algae,

(ii) Create strict rules and regulations to prevent the continued pollution of water.

(iii) Conserve clean water supplies. (iv) Avoid littering in any form. (v) Support clean agriculture by preferably purchasing and consuming healthy organic foods. In the growing of the organic food, no pesticide or other harmful contaminants are used. (vi) Oppose coastal development and preserve natural wetlands, as they serve as nature’s filter. The vast amount of various plant lives, naturally occurring bacteria and algae, and microorganisms help to filter destructive pollutants. Wetlands can be easily preserved through replanting efforts.

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(vii) Create awareness in public through media, child education, etc. for preventing water pollution. (viii) Treat waste water (from domestic and industrial houses) before disposal. (ix) Prevent pollution caused by animals. (x) Reduce urban/suburban runoff of lawn fertilizers and pesticides-stop use of chemical pesticides around your house and lawn. (xi) Contribute some money to replace outdated municipal water treatment plants.

(xii) Stop deforestation, save paper. A healthy forest acts like a sponge to soak up and clean rain water and then supply it to nearby lakes and rivers. (xiii) Reduce pollution from oil and petroleum liquids Maintain your vehicle more, Drive your vehicle less.(xiv) Reduce mercury emissions: For new coal-fired power plants, use “coal-gasification” to filter out all mercury pollution For existing coal-fired power plants, use better scrubber technology to reduce mercury emissions by 90%. Conserve electricity. (xv) Insist that regulatory agencies force mining industry to Use clean technologies for mining operations.

Clean up long-abandoned but still-polluting mines.c. Stop mountaintop removal coal mining practice which often buries streams together.

(xvi) As consumers and citizens, stop purchasing coal, metals, precious metals that are not produced by environment friendly techniques. (xvii) Use only “green” household cleaners and personal care products. (xviii) Fight global warming to avoid ocean acidification and rise in the ocean temperature. (xix) Increase tax on chemicals, petroleum products, packaging so as to reduce their consumption. This helps in preventing water pollution. (xx) Preferably use solar energy, wind energy etc. because thermal power plants use fresh water for producing electricity. By this, fresh water will be available for other uses.

(xxi) Facilitate soaking of rain through permeable surfaces in parking lots, sports courts, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Impermeable surface increase rainwater runoff, resulting in more water pollution (xxii) Use less plastic bags, as they are easily blown around and end up creating disaster in water bodies. (xxiii) Promote “Industrial Synbiosis”. In it, the unusable waste from one company’s industrial process becomes the input for another’s. It helps in keeping effluent out of waterways, and keeping solid waste out of land-fill. (xxiv) Promote “Green Chemistry”.

Eliminate the toxic components of an operation by using water-based solvents derived from corn, citrus fruits, soybeans and other biochemical sources.


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