to We must always remember thoughts are

to the stronger or faster man But soon or late the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.” So think like a winner if you want to win in any field of life. Simply gazing at the sky won’t take one to the sky. But gazing at the sky followed by thinking how to reach it will one day get him there. Thinking inspires seeking, striving and struggling, which in turn lead to achieving the goal.

So the more one thinks the more he gets; the more one ponders over the more he unearths. Deep thinking dredges out the depth. So long as Lord Budha was the King Siddharth (not a man of reasoning, he was an ignorant man—not knowing what was death; what was disease etc. But his deep thinking at length led him to establish himself as Lord Budha. So if we want to achieve big success, we must start thinking big.

We must always remember thoughts are things. Positive thoughts are the most powerful things of the world. But big or positive thinking must be followed by positive actions.


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