events also expressed to the spectators when Beatrice

eventsof catharsis take place that allows the audiences to expresses their emotionsfor the characters. Death is one if the intrinsic identities of a Shakespeareantragedy, which is considered self-evident as shown in most of his plays. In theevent of Don John’s evil plan to cause mischief and ruin the marriage ofClaudio and Hero the night before the event, we witness prior to the scene ofbetrayal,  Claudio says ” If I seeanything tonight why I should not marry her, tomorrow in the congregation,where I should wed, will I shame her” (III, ii, 116-118).  This statement leaves the audience gaspingfor the tragic result. The intensity then becomes even greater after Claudioaccuses Hero at the wedding for being unfaithful to him. In a state of shock,Hero then begins to faint and later presumed dead by the friar at the wedding.Catharsis is also expressed to the spectators when Beatrice asks Benedick tokill Claudio, his best friend, for the sake of her cousin’s humiliation anddeath.

In those events, Shakespeare builds up a massive amount of catharsis inthe audience, making them expresses emotions of both fear and pity for thecharacters involved.Secondly, a crucialelement to a Shakespearean tragedy is a struggle between good and evil; hence,the play Much Ado About Nothingshould be considered as a tragedy since this element is very much presentthroughout the main plot of the play. Evil in Shakespeare’s plays is alwaysdisguised and usually ignored by the characters because they are ignoranttowards the evil motives of the antagonist, while the element of good is alwaysportrayed openly and freely visible. Shakespeare introduces Don John as thedark side of the play, the one who induces the other character to commiterroneous actions or the one that misleads them, while Claudio and the othersare shown as happy and joyful characters.

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 Claudio is represented as the antithesis character of Don John. WhileClaudio enhances the good and honorable values of the play, Don John iscompletely the opposite; he stands for evil and villainy. Through severalinstances, we 


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