2. the Islamic countries, which is a

2. Islam considers resistance against cruelty and oppressor dictators as a duty. 3. It fights with the attitudes which consider man as a tool and means, and dispossesses his rank of God’s viceroy. 4. As per verse 59 of Women sura, the Moslems should observe instructions of Islamic government and obey legitimate custodians of authority.

5. Dictators have not any opportunity or position in the realm of Islam because all authorities of government have to execute divine commands, which are based on monotheism and justice. 6. Islamic democracy is more noble and humanitarian than any other type of west and east democracy, because the government is established on the basis of inspiration, consultation, admonition and bid to good and forbid of vice, and the most just, learned, and virtuous person is at the head of government. 7. By prevalence of west democracy in the Islamic countries, which is a preventing or impeding factor of nation, resulting in political and economical retardation, it is tried to establish democratic institutions in the Islamic World which principally are not and will not be in concordant with political morality of Islam.

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But the Islamic government declares all institutions of the society based on the regulations and rules, and considers material and spiritual requirements of man. 8. Rules of Islam guarantee discipline in observance of regulations of society and following the moral principles which are accomplished with the morality of trust, and contentment, and belief in divine will, and those eminent moral values could be motives of change in the Islamic social institutions. 9. One of the other privileges of Islam is appropriate respect to the intellect, this great divine grace which is one of the religious fundamentals and four arguments, while before Islam, it was believed that intellect is too small to perceive the ranks and eminence of beliefs and religions, and this caused currency of superstitions and imaginations. But Islam, in contrast to this false claim, none only did not consider intellect in contradiction with religion, but also took it as the basis of duty and means of approaching to the ordinances of religion.

In Islam, comprehension is the key of prosperity and means of avoiding blindly imitation. 10. The most important characteristic of Islam is invitation to monotheism and unity of God, who possesses all positive attributes, and is exempted from any negative attribute. It calls all human beings towards one God, one objective, one government, one origin, and one Resurrection.

11. The criteria of superiority is only virtue, especially in the present age, in which the vain class concessions and tribe self glorifications are considered as a privilege, but Islam introduces mental excellence as the criteria of superiority of men. 12. In Islam, against the altered religions like altered Christianity, in which purchase and selling of sin is permitted, each person is responsible for its own deed and behaviour. 13. Against the existing customs and ideologies in the world, in which a group of people live as Monk, Sufi, Dervish, and eat some grass or one almond nut daily, and leave any worldly attachment, and wear worn out clothes, and have nomadic life, and in contrast, a group of people are engaged in sensuality, service of wealth and mammonism, Islam believes that there is no contradiction between world and Hereafter, and while regarding the world’s manifestations temporal and Hereafter’s effects permanent, it considers the prosperous life dependent to the balance of world and Hereafter. 14. Encouraging science and education so that The Prophet S.

A. says, Islam has made preparations for acquaintance of any expertness and science, which serves to man and professes itself as the pioneer of culture of science. 15. Islam opposes with atheist and deviating systems, and is based on real democracies. It rejects the fascism, monarchy, autocracy, plutocracy, and oligarchy, which respectively indicate individual despotism, governship of snob and vulgar people, individual dictatorship, aristocratism and concentration of power in a few people. 16.

Islam observes the necessity of establishing justice in the human society even for the enemies of Islam and believes that all divine prophets are appointed for materialization of this objective. 17. Against the modern economical systems of world, like capitalism and communism, Islam has a special economical system which presents logical and justice fostering methods in respect to personal ownership, non-concentration of capital, and adjustment of wealth. 18.

Islam is accompanied with the highest moral instructions for training and reforming human society. Pascal says, “As the natural scientists have not created the nature and the etymologists have not established language and its grammar. The philosophers and prophets too have not created morality, rather they have selected the faculties and qualities from man’s inward, spirit and soul, which have a desirable effect in his behaviour, deed, speech and thought in order to lead them to prosperity and success. 19. Another unique privilege of Islam, which indicates its comprehensiveness, and seal of this monotheism, is the novelty and firmness of faith of the Moslems. Which religion, government, law and legislator of human have succeeded so far to arrange the people as a regular government without relation or revelation from mental and cultural sources or divine inspiration? It has never been observed except due to influence of delivering instructions and teachings of monotheism, which has affected in the susceptible and guidance seeking soul of people. American Edmond Berg says in his encyclopedia, volume 3, page 45, “The wrap and woof of Islamic law is firm and arranged in the best way.

Islam is actually the deepest and most distinguished law which humanity had not encountered with it before”. William Moir in his famous book under the title of “Life of Mohammad S.A.”, says, “Mohammad’s religion and speech was clear and his actions astonished the wisdom. No-other peacemaker could be found in the history of world except Mohammad S.A. who awakened the hearts, renewed the morality, and fixed the foundation of virtue in a short period.

20. The Honoured Prophet S.A. succeeded to form a great government from an unfortunate and scattered people in the shortest possible time by using the miraculous teachings of Quran, and overcame on the proud Empires of that time. He vibrated the flag of Islam from Spain (old Andolusia) to the Wall of China, finalized all internal wars, and defended the masses of people. Islam obliterated slavery and slaving which was very popular before Islam, in which the men were disastrously insulted and humiliated, and behaved like the animals or even worse. The Greek intellectual leaders of philosophy insisted in the necessity of slavery and introduced it as a social requirement and a natural need. However it was very popular until several centuries before Islam and some people like followers of Judaism advocated slavery till several centuries after Islam.

But Islamic regulations instructed to pay the debt of insolvent person from the Treasury of Moslems, and set him free in the path of God. Christianity did not take any action for freedom of slaves, rather it believes that owner can behave with his slaves as he wants, and even can kill them. But Islam eliminated slavery and prevented its currency in such a way that Islam’s Prophet said, “Should a captive become Moslem, his life and property will be exempted from captivity. This Islamic decisiveness resulted in regarding setting the slaves free as a great service, and even it stipulated liberating the slaves as atonement of some of sins. 21. Islam respected the non-Moslems and foreigners, and all men either Moslem or non-Moslem, especially those who were considered as Followers of The Book, or asylums or idolaters, and all of them enjoyed all related rights and privileges in the Islamic territory.


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