Dear faithfully, (Manager Name) 2. Sending a Letter

Dear Sir, With reference to your interview on ____________ (Date), for the above post, we are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the post. You are to report for duty on ____________ (Date) at our____________ (address) at ____________ (Time). Your salary, terms and conditions of service are given below: Salary: ____________ (Amount), plus other admissible allowances. Probation: 6 months during which period, 7 days notice is required on either side. Social Security: 9% of basic pay to be contributed equally by employee and the employer. This facility is available to the employee from the date of communication. Leave: 12 days casual leave and 20 days earned leave. Bonus: Yearly bonus as may be declared by the Management every year.

The company has been granting 3 months bonus (basic pay) to each employee every year for the last three months. Condition: Your appointment is subject to your being declared medically fit by our medical officer. Please intimate your acceptance by post at the earliest. With best wishes. Yours faithfully, (Manager Name)

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Sending a Letter of Appointment

From(Company Name) (Address) (Date) Ref no_______________ To(Name) (Address) Dear Sir With further reference to your interview ____________ (Date) for the post of a typist clerk in our office, we have pleasure in informing you that you have been selected for the post. Enclosed please find letter of appointment in original and duplicate. Please keep the original with you and return us the duplicate copy duly signed and report for duty on any working day at ____________ (Time), but in any case not later than ____________ (Date) .

Thanking you Yours faithfully (Signature) (Manager Name)(Company Name)


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