1. yourself for a personal interview before

1. That you will report for duty immediately and in no case later than ____________ (Date). 2. That your pay scale will be ____________ (Amount) plus other allowances as permissible under company rules.

3. That you will be on probation for a period of 6 months from the date of joining. During this period either party can terminate the contract by giving one day’s notice. After completion of this successfully, you will be taken on the regular roll of the company and will be able to leave the company either by giving one month’s written notice or one month’s pay. Likewise, the company will also be bound to give you either one month’s written notice or one month’s pay, in case it wants to terminate your services. 4. Nature of duties will be the same as discussed in the interview.

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A copy is again enclosed. Yours faithfully, (Manager)

2. For the Post of a Clerk

From(Company Name) (Address) (Date) To(Name)(Address) Sub: Post of a clerk Dear Sir, With reference to your application ____________ (Date), on the subject cited above, please present yourself for a personal interview before our representative, ____________ (Name), at ____________ (Place), on____________ (Date and Time). Please bring with you, your original certificates and testimonials at the time of interview. No travelling allowance will be payable for appearing for an interview. But, if selected, second class fare will be paid for joining at our ____________ (Place Name).

On selection, you will have to join immediately. Please intimate by return of post if the terms mentioned are acceptable to you. Yours faithfully, Managing Director


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