Re.: ____________ (Name) which we found was

Re.: You’re Savings A/c No.____________ Today we honoured a cheque drawn by you for ____________ (Amount) even though it led to a debit balance of ____________ (Amount) in your above-quoted account. You have thus overdrawn to that extent excluding the minimum balance which you have to maintain in any case.

As you know this is not a usual banking practice and we could have dishonoured your cheque. However we made an exception in your case as this was the first time a thing like this has happened with regard to your account. We would, therefore, advise you to deposit the requisite amount in your account to maintain your balance so that bank rules are not flouted for long. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)

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2. Letter to Customer Regarding Overdrawing of Account

From(Bank Name)(Address) To(Name)(Address) (Date) Dear Sir, Re: Your Current Account No.

____________ with us I draw your attention to your cheque No. ____________ dated ____________ for ____________ (Amount) favouring ____________ (Name) which we found was in excess of the credit balance in your current account by ____________ (Amount). I honoured your cheque by relying on your Savings Bank A/c No.

____________ only to avoid causing you any embarrassment. I suppose you issued the cheque by oversight without consulting your passbook. However, you may now get your account adjusted accordingly. Also please note that in future we shall be justified if we dishonour such cheques because there is a limit to going against bank rules. I hope you will appreciate our position and do not misunderstand us.

Yours faithfully, (Your Name)


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