Sub: and should you need them to support

Sub: Our order III Of the plain glasses we ordered, 275 doz. were delivered to us yesterday, but we regret very much to say that 4 doz. were totally broken while another 2 doz.

were cracked. External packing being perfect, it appears that this has happened due to rough handling in transit. We have kept aside these six doz.

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of glasses and should you need them to support your claim with the carriers, we shall be only too glad to send the same to you. In the meanwhile we request you to please issue necessary credit in our favour. Thank you, Yours faithfully,

Reply to Above

(Date) Dear Sirs, We thank you for your letter of (Date). We are sorry to learn that you have received certain goods in damaged condition. We are enclosing our credit not for the same. In spite of the fact that we are taking great care in packing the glasses, of late a few cases of damage have been reported to us. This, apart from inconvenience to ourcustomers, has put us to a considerable loss.

We have now referred the matter to one of the top packaging consultants of our country and we hope to make necessary improvement in the same in another few days. We regret once again for the inconvenience caused and assure you that this will not be repeated. The glasses you have may be destroyed. Yours faithfully,

2. Complaint Letter Regarding Defective Goods

From Your Name Company Name Address To The Manager Company Name Address Dear (Name), Last week we received a consignment of Venetian Blinds and Curtain Rails against our Order No. __________ of (Date). We paid the bill vide our Cheque No. ___________ dated __________, a photocopy of which is enclosed.

But we are really sorry that many of these Venetian Blinds are defective, and not giving satisfactory service. There are many complaints from our customers and I am enclosing one of these complaints. As the complaint mentions, the blinds are stained, smudged and cannot be raised and lowered with the desired smoothness. They make unpleasant sound in the process. Besides the written complaints, we are also receiving a number of telephonic complaints. This is really unfortunate and regrettable.

We feel there is something wrong somewhere in these blinds. We want that you immediately send us a replacement consignment and take away the venation blinds still left with us out of this lot. Yours faithfully, (Your Name)


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