2 AIBL. • Periodical distributed by Bangladesh bank

2 Methodology
2.1 Data Design
From my instructive foundation I have learned distinctive technique in explore process. So in this examination I had the chance to embroil may instructive information in viable field. I have gathered information from numerous sources:
2.1.1 Primary Sources:
• Personal meeting up close and personal discussion and indepth meet with the separate officers of the branch.
• Personal perception watching the techniques of saving money exercises took after by every office.
• Practical work presentation on various territories of the branch.
• Informal discussion with the customer or clients.
• Relevant records identified with the investigation as gave by the officers.
2.1.2 Secondary sources:
• Annual report of AIBL.
• Periodical distributed by Bangladesh bank .
• Internet is additionally utilized as a hypothetical wellsprings of data.
• Website and pamphlets are likewise utilized as real.
2.2 Data Processing:
Gathered data is handled by the utilization of PC framework. Nitty gritty examination, working factors and working definitions are encapsulated in the report

2.3 Analytical Tool
Different tools have been used to find out the objectives.
• Different charts and figures analysis
• SWOT analysis.


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