2.3. shaken 60 min at room temperature.

2.3. Recommended procedures A 0.1 g of OOBAR was mixed with adjust concentration of molybdenum solution, H2SO4, L-ascorbic acid, and NH4SCN then diluted to 25 mL and shaken 60 min at room temperature. The remaining concentrations of Mo(V) were determined using spectrophotometrically (?max 485 nm) 41.

The sorption percentage of Mo(V) and sorption capacity of OOBAR (Q, mmol/g) were calculated. By using a dynamic technique, 10 g of OOBAR was packed through glass column which has 35 cm long and 1.5 cm in diameter with a bed height at L= 15 cm. A series of 25 mL of tap water, liver mice tissue or vitamins solutions (n = 5) were passed through the OOBAR columns at different flow rate 0.2-1.7 mL/min. The effluent solutions were collected and analyzed spectrophotometrically.

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Mo(V) was eluted from OOBAR columns with NH4OH (0.05 mol/L) as eluent at a flow rate of 3 mL/min then determined spectrophotometrically.3.

Result and discussion3. 1. Characterization of olive bio-alkyd resin (OOBAR) FTIR spectroscopy was used for identification of specific functional groups of OB, COB, OOBAR, and Mo:OOBAR in range 4000–400 cm-1. OB spectrum have broadband at 2996-3660 cm-1 (?OH), sharp peaks at 2933 cm-1 (?CH), 1612 cm-1 (?C?C) and 1084 cm-1 (?C-O-C). The bands of COB spectrum were shifted to 2343-3664, 1606 and 1097 cm-1.

In addition, the new band has appeared at 37001 cm-1 while the band at 2933 was absent due to an oxidation process. Also, the bands of OOBAR spectrum were shifted to 3027-3741, 2925, 1631.5 and 1166 cm-1.

The new bands have appeared at 2979, 2854 and 1739 and 1459 cm-1 due to C-H (aromatic), C-H (aliphatic), C=O and COOR. There are many sharp peaks for Mo:OOBAR was appeared at 780, 693, 519 and 507 cm-1 due to Mo(V) complexion and other bands for O-H, C-H (aromatic), C-H (aliphatic), C=O and COOR was disappeared due to the cleating agent.


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