2.4 Definite articles in English The definite article,

2.4Definite articles in English          The definite article, more commonly known as the word the, is used with nouns – plural andsingular – for various reasons and in many situations.

It is acclimated infront of a noun when the listener or reader knows exactly what the speaker isreferring to. It refers to a particular member of a group or class. It can be anythingthat the speaker is referring back to, or it could also be anything that thespeaker wants to specify. This article can also sometimes be used with propernouns. The use of the definite article can be divided in 17 cases. These casesare:1.     Torefer to something which has already been mentioned;Example:         An emuand a cat fell in love.

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The cat loved the emu’s tall neck, and the emuloved the cat’s little paws;                        A woman fell 2meters from a tree. The woman fell while collecting apples;                        Then a man leaped out aknife. The robber struck on northbound carriageway.2.     Whenboth the speaker and listener know what is being talked about, even if it hasnot been mentioned before;Example:         ‘Whereis the bedroom?”It is on the secondfloor’3.     Inclauses and sentences where a specific object or person is being identified or defined;Example:         Theman who wrote this book is popular.4.

     Torefer to unique objects;Example:         Thesun, the Moon, the world, the Eiffel Tower;                        Hewishes he could fly to the moon.5.     Beforesuperlatives and ordinal numbers (only, last, first, second);Example:         Thefirst page, the highest building, the last chapter6.     Withadjectives, to refer to a whole group of people (as plural nouns), families,nationalities ending in – sh; – ch; – ese;Example:         TheJapanese, the old, the French;                        Butshe has gained a lot attention from the French.7.

     Withthe words: beach, cinema, country (side), ground, jungle, radio, sea, seaside,theatre, world, station, shop, pub, library, meals (modified by a limitedattribute);Example:         Shewent to the station to meet Larry;                        Thebreakfast at Nobis Hotel will change over time and season.8.     Before’most’ (as a superlative);Example:         Heis the most handsome man;


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