2.0 The spices sells in retail to customer

2.0 INTRODUCTION & COMPANY’S BACKGROUNDOur company’s name is a SpiceRoute Sdn Bhd and located at Rimba Square Kuala Nerus,Terengganu.

Our Company is a grocery store selling Malay, Western, and Chinese and Indian cuisines. The spices sells in retail to customer and also bulk . Our company is expected to grow rapidly in forecasts due to globalization, and to increase the influence of Middle Eastern and Asian flavors in Malaysian cuisine and western cuisines. This market has three levels and is divided into two categories at each level.

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The first level segmentation consists of Malay cuisine ingredients and western culinary ingredients. The second level consists of Chinese cuisine ingredients and Indian cuisine ingredients. Segmentation from first and second level according to the majority of Malaysians and western cuisines is a favorite food of Malaysians.

Next on the third floor comprises of the food court and main restaurant which serves food from the culinary ingredients from SpiceRoute Sdn Bhd. Then, Customers can find the ingredients you want to buy easily because of the catalog. We will collect all the items for each category from first and second level in a printed piece to make it easier for customers to find the desired culinary ingredients. In addition, there are recipes cooked by the chef at the main restaurant located on the third floor.

The catalog also has recipes from cuisine prepared from the main restaurant chef. This industry is expected to forecast substantial growth, during both the busy and the time limit for busy worker. So, people prefer to go out and eat at restaurants and hotels. Therefore, SpiceRoute Sdn Bhd will be the focal point for dine. Besides, there is a seasoned market enabling the integration of racial diversity in Malaysia and facilitating housewives.2.1 ORGANIZATION CHART An organization should show interest in its employees. Person in charge of managing our company is directors.

There are four departments that responsible to handle SpiceRoute Sdn Bhd. Human resource department. The Human Resources Manager plays a very important role. In this role, our company should appoint a human resource to assist and achieve the organization’s business objectives and plans. To achieve that, we need to have a very tactical approach and deep knowledge of the work system. Accounting department is able to identify the financial position and to know the financial outflow and entry. All cash related documents should be included or recorded to find out more precisely the position of the business whether in the month or year we gain profit or loss. The company must be smart and know the risks to be faced.

When already having an account made on a regular basis it is easier to identify outflow and incoming cash flows, outstanding loan debtors or creditors. All can be identified if having periodically recorded accounts as well can reduce bank risk. Next, Marketing department. Our company practices the concept of marketing will not sell products that are not suitable to target targets and product sales or modify to meet customer requirements. Our company is a good marketing concept to ensure success for long term. Lastly, Administrative department is backbone of an organization. An effective administrator is an asset to an organization.

He or she is the link between an organization’s various departments and ensures the smooth flow of information from one part to the other.2.2 MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT Our mission statement are we earn the loyalty of the people we serve by first anticipating, then fulfilling their needs with our superior-quality products, a unique shopping experience, customer-focused service and continuous innovation, while generating long-term profitable growth. Ensuring that businesses are managed conducive and meet customer requirements, aggressive steps should be taken to ensure that businesses run successfully and provide convenience to consumers. Then our vision is being remarkable.

People will be disappointed shopping anywhere else. The business that we run is the first business in Malaysia. we will ensure customers will be through unique shopping in their lives.3.0 SITUATION ANALYSIS Situation analysis refers to a collection of methods that managers use to analyze an organization’s internal and external environment to understand the organization’s capabilities, customers, and business environment. The situation analysis consists of several methods of analysis. There are 5Cs Analysis, SWOT analysis and Porter five forces analysis.

The situation analysis looks at both the macro-environmental factors that affect many firms within the environment and the micro-environmental factors that specifically affect the firm. The purpose of the situation analysis is to indicate to a company about the organizational and product position, as well as the overall survival of the business, within the environment. Companies must be able to summarize opportunities and problems within the environment so they can understand their capabilities within the market. Situation analysis is important to ensure the company achieves the objectives and goals set by our company in line with the mission.

Our business position is located in a strategic area. It should have a lot of competitors but we are the only retail shop that conceptualizes race food in Malaysia. Identifying whether competitors provide the same services or products to the same customer base is useful in gaining knowledge of direct competitors.

Both direct and indirect competitors must be identified, as well as potential future competitors.3.1 CURRENT GOOD/SERVICE CATEGORYThe ingredients are sold in four main categories. The first category is Malay food. The second category is western food. The third category is Chinese food and the last category is Indian food.

Each category has spices and herbs according to their respective race privileges. Besides, our company has food court and main restaurant at level three. Other than privilege our spice ingredients. We also have condiment as added to disk to add its flavor. Current good at our company has two categories (Durable and Nondurable).

Durable goods in term of cutlery, cooking equipment, spice rack stand holder and alphabetized spice label stickers. Nondurable goods in term of our spice group and dining place. After that, current service at our company also has two categories. First, Amusement services for customer such as mini playground, cooking tutorial video show and instrumental. Second, Groceries services at our company. we provide suitable theme at every main category according to their respective themes.

We also practicing customer service is a key to successful business.


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