2.1 describe the colloidal/particle deposition and transport

2.1 PARAMETERS Water is used by the humans but the purity of the water being used is becoming dangerous because it can have an effect on human health.

The process of water purification using aluminium sulphate(alum) and calcium hypochlorite is becoming difficult because it came from different countries, so water treatment process is difficult to achieve in most rural areas/countries. Aside from that, Prototypes are used to describe the colloidal/particle deposition and transport in saturated porous media. Deposition can be computed by it’s efficiency, known as the probability of a particle striking by giving the column specifics and hydrodynamics conditions.

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2.2 PERFORMANCE OF MORINGA OR MALUNGGAY SEEDThe powder obtained crushing and mixing the seeds of the Moringa oleifera three has been effective and useful coagulant for water treatment process. When the seeds are dehusked and crushed then added to water, the powder acts as a coagulant binding colloidal particles and bacteria to form agglomerated particles(floes), which the supernatant to be poured off. Some research shows the important of moringa oleifera, Water treatment process of drinking water is needed in malawi. The collection of datas need to be collect and compiled to prove the effect of the moringa oleifera seeds.The LMU(UK), is researching to know and develop the right dosage for removing the turbility in the seeds. The level of Ph, temperature and shelf life of the seeds.

The research and study shows that the combination method is to mix the crushed seed into a paste, the best dose for turbility set at 40 and 200 NTU, between 30 and 55mg/L. and the turbility set at 130 NTU and a moringa oleifera dose within the range of 50mg/L, THe Ph levels were between 4 and 9. it shows that the performance of coagulant is good enough at its tange.

The most efficient coagulation is determined by reduction of turbility at the Ph level of 6.5. The alkaline conditions is better than acidic conditions, A Ph level of 9 had an efficiency of 65% OF THE RANGE. While the Ph level of 5 had an efficiency showed by 55%. The efficiency dropped again at Ph level of 4, and the powder has a results of 10% in optimum conditions.

The temperature range was used is 4-6C in the research. It is found that cold waters(


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