2.1 senior full-time executive of the company who

2.1 Legal structure SWAPIT SDN. BHD is structuring as a business of general partnership. This is a legal form of business operation between four individuals Chan Ching Wei, Kho Yan Fang, Lee Qian Yi and Lenny Lew Lee Liang who share management and profits. In a general partnership kind of business, all the partners manage the company and assumes the obligations of partnership debt and other obligations. 2.

2 Management and personnel Partner 1 (Managing Director) : Chan Ching WeiPartner 2 (Finance Director) : Kho Yan FangPartner 3 (Operation Director) & Casher : Lee Qian YiPartner 4 (Sales & Marketing Director) : Lenny Lew Lee LiangSecretary: Janet Lim Yi Ru2.3 Task and ResponsibilitiesPartner 1- Managing DirectorThe managing director is the most senior full-time executive of the company who takes responsibility for formulating and successfully implementing company policy. The necessary qualifications of managing director are demonstrable experience in developing strategic and business plans. He/ She also needs to have excellent organisational and leadership skills.Partner 2 – Finance DirectorThe Finance Director are responsible to control the overall financial aspects of company strategy. He/she is expected to analyse figures and implement recommendations with the most profitable outcomes based on these findings. Typical qualities of a successful Finance Director include qualified member of an accountancy body or holder of an equivalent qualification.

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 Partner 3 – Operation DirectorThe role of operation director is to directs and coordinates the internal structure of an organisation based on company policies, goals, and objectives to ensure an efficient working environment and that deadlines are met consistently. Typical qualities of an operation director include prior experience as operations director or equivalent position. He/ She needs to have excellent organizational abilities and outstanding communication and people skills.Partner 4 – Sales & Marketing DirectorThe job responsibilities of sales & marketing director are accomplishing business development activities by researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans, implementing sales plans and managing staff. Good organizational and planning skills. The sales & marketing director must good in organizational and planning skills. He/ She must have the ability to optimize the product and price strategy and portfolio in line with the overall strategy.CasherThe casher has the duties of greeting customers when entering or leaving our establishment and keeping reports of cash and credit transactions.

The necessary qualification of casher is deliver excellent and high quality of customer service to internal and external customers.Secretary The secretary is responsible for maintaining effective records and administration. Upholding the legal requirements of governing documents, charity law, company law and relevant documents.  Typical qualities of a secretary include experience in accounting, bookkeeping and data processing preferred. They need to have the knowledge of specific software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, SAP, and so on.

2.6 Accounting The success of a business depends on creating and maintaining an effective record system. The systems for maintaining of financial records of SWAPIT SDN. BHD are simple folder filing system and computer system. The business is start with a simple record keeping system which is the paper-based tools. As the business grows, expand the record keeping system to accommodate more records and increasing complexity.

To maintain some form of paper-based record keeping, computer-based systems are becoming the norm. With computer systems, your records will take less space and can be transmitted over the Internet.


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