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1MangeshNadkarni, 2Rohan Mehta, 3Ritesh Sarode, 4SurajGhadgeDepartmentof Mechanical EngineeringPCET’sNutan Maharashtra Institute of Engineering & Technology Abstract- Highpressure rise is developed in the pressure vessel and pressure vessel has towithstand severe forces.

In the design of pressure vessel safety is the primaryconsideration, due the potential impact of possible accident. There have a fewmain factors to design the safe pressure vessel. This writing is focusing onanalyzing the safety parameter for allowable working pressure. Allowableworking pressures are calculated by using Pressure Vessel Design Manual byDennis Moss, third edition. The corruption of the vessel are probability occurat maximum pressure which is the element that only can sustain that pressure.

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Efforts are made in this paper to design the pressure vessel using ASME codes& IS standards to legalize the design.Keywords: Pressurevessel, working pressure, high pressure, ASME codes, IS code  IntroductionA pressure vessel is acontainer designed to hold gases or liquids At a pressure substantially different from theambient pressure.Pressurevessels can be dangerous, and              fatal accidents have occurred inthe history of their development and operation. Consequently, pressure vesseldesign, manufacture, and operation are regulated by engineering authoritiesbacked by legislation.

For these reasons, the definition of a pressure vesselvaries from country to country.Designinvolves parameters such as maximum safe operating pressure and temperature, safety factor, corrosionallowance and minimum design temperature (for brittle fracture). Constructionis tested using nondestructivetesting, such as ultrasonictesting, radiography, and pressuretests. Hydrostatic tests use water, but pneumatic tests use air or another gas.

Hydrostatic testing is preferred, because it is a safer method, as much lessenergy is released if a fracture occurs during the test (water does not rapidlyincrease its volume when rapid depressurization occurs, unlike gases like air,which fail explosively).Inmost countries, vessels over a certain size and pressure must be built to aformal code. In the United States that code is the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC).These vessels also require an authorized inspector to sign off on every newvessel constructed and each vessel has a nameplate with pertinent information aboutthe vessel, such as maximum allowable working pressure, maximum temperature,minimum design metal temperature, what company manufactured it, the date, itsregistration number (through the National Board), and ASME’s official stamp for pressure vessels .The nameplate makes the vessel traceable and officially an ASME Codevessel.ProblemStatement Vessel failures can be divided intofour major categories, which describe why a vessel failure happens. Failurescan also be grouped into types of failures, which describe how the failureoccurs. Each failure has a why and how to its history.

It may have failedthrough corrosion fatigue because the wrong material was selected. The designermust be as familiar with categories and types of failure as with categories andtypes of stress and loadings. Ultimately they are all related.? Material- Wrongselection of material; defects in material.

? Design- Wrongdesign data; inaccurate or incorrect design methods; inadequate shop testing. ?Fabrication- Poor quality control; improper or not sufficient fabricationprocedures such as welding. CodeSelectionThereare many standards or codes used for vessel design but in this paper we haveselected two standards for our design namely ASME Section VIII Division 2 andIS 2825.We will be designing the components as per these two standards andcompare them to find out which one is more safe and suitable for working ofvessel.Methodology·        Studying Different components ofpressure vessel.·        Nitrogen gas production·        Design of pressure vesselaccording to standards


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