1Letter and monitoring the work of electrical workshop

1Letter of Motivation of Gebru,Aregawi KidanemariamMotivation Letter to KTH Royal Institute of Technology, StockholmI am writing this motivation letter with full proud and happiness to express my interest in applying forELECTRIC POWER ENGINEERING, MSC PROGR at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Ibelieve my chosen profession will enable me to fulfill all of my desires to help others, to continuously expand myknowledgebase, skills, to advance and make a strong contribution for my country ahead and also to make a strongcontribution to the University which gives me privilege to attend my Msc. I mention I have graduated in year 2009,from Mekelle Institute of Technology (MIT) and got a bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.My interest in engineering dates back to my years in high school; especially in preparatory classes, where I excelledin physics and started to know the meaning of Engineering.

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It was the time when technology had begun to make animpact on the lives of people in Ethiopia and the starting point of technology transfer. Meanwhile, I visualized itsgreat importance for my country as there is scarcity of educated Electrical Engineers. Hence; engineering withelectrical and electronics as my major was the first choice for my undergraduate studies. Right since the beginningof my undergraduate study; electronics is a subject that has fascinated me with its power of applications. Thesubjects that I have studied include Analogue and Digital Electronics.

These laid the foundation for my courses inElectrical and Electronics engineering at a later stage. My undergraduate studies already focus on the Powerelectronics.I have striven for academic excellence, always wishing to make the most of my education. Education has alwaysbeen an important aspect of my life. As a result, I was able to get a scholarship to attended Kell-amino Special HighSchool. Finally, I took School Leaving National Exam and scored 4 points (100%). I was motivated to continue withthat momentum and I managed to get a second scholarship for my undergraduate studies in Mekelle Institute ofTechnology (MIT); the follow-up to Kell-amino Special High School nonprofit making institute founded forpromoting outstanding Students.After I graduated from university I was employed in Textile Industry as Electrical and Electronics WorkshopSupervisor.

I was working on Troubleshooting of Electrical Machines; AC and DC motors, repairing andmaintenance of electrical and electronic related equipments. This opportunity also gave me the chance to knowmore on Schedules, plans, and monitoring the work of electrical workshop personnel running a variety of electricalprojects. Presently; I am working in one governmental Research and Development center called INSA in Ethiopiabeing as Electrical System Engineering mainly on Electro Mechanical actuators (Motors), guidance and ControlSystems. Consequently I decided to know more on ELECTRIC POWER ENGINEERING. My choice is highlybased up on the actual applications of the field in continent as a whole and the Knowledge I got from my WorkExperience. Ethiopia, as one of the developing countries, and its dramatic increase of Renewable Energy,Hydropower plant, Fuel Energy amongst all; prompted me peruse my postgraduate degree in ELECTRIC POWERENGINEERING. Moreover, Ethiopia is constructing Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Hydropower plant (thebiggest hydropower plant in Africa), Wind Energy, and Solar Energy.

So I am optimistic to make use of thisopportunity in carrying out in all aspects of Electrical Power Systems.Additionally, the rigorous study at Mekelle Institute of Technology has prepared me well for graduate study in atechnical field. I have taken courses such as Power electronics and Drives, Photovoltaic System, Analogueelectronics, Digital Electronics, Controls systems, micro processor, signals and Systems and DSP, Machines, Objectoriented programming are directly relevant to the field of study that I desire to pursue .In addition to intensivetheoretical study, I have worked on various course level projects including :Design of Uninterruptible Powersupply (UPS) as my final project and implementation of PC based DC motor Speed Controller . Moreover; Ihave already got some ideas and clues during my stay in Industry; basically on Electrical System Design andAnalysis, System controls as well as on simulation and modeling of individual systems for integrating and checkingtheir performance. But unfortunately until now I did not have enough knowledge and the right tools for putting themin practice and that is why I know that this Master Program would be an excellent starting point for me. Also if Iwill get selected for this program I will have the opportunity to learn from the best and the fact that I will study in aninternational environment will give me the privilege of not only to develop valuable knowledge on this new field but2Letter of Motivation of Gebru,Aregawi Kidanemariamalso to create new relationships with people from different cultures. I am also aware of the kind of dedication andperseverance I will need to have for achieving the best results in the new field and I believe my background willqualify me for such a Master Program.

.Throughout my life I have participated in curricular and extracurricular activities including valuable volunteerexperiences namely facilitating tutorials, active members of HIV clubs, active member of Mekelle Institute ofTechnology alumni association, and was also an active member and leader of Science and Technology club(STC)when I was at high school, discharging different non academic duties assigned by the instructors and the institute;besides I support my family since I am from a poor family.It is a strong belief in my view that the Swedish education system has the best to offer as it is well-equipped and hasgot long standing experience and world leading researchers and scientists. This belief arises out of the experiencethat my friends had when they did their Masters of Science in the University Of KTH Royal Institute OfTechnology, Stockholm during the years 2009 to 2011.Moreover; I can say that I would like to continue my studies in order to gain knowledge and experiences byacademic research and I believe a Master Degree Program on Electrical Power Engineering program offer me thepossibility of receiving the comprehensive picture of all aspects of this field. My future plan is not only earning mymaster degree, but also to pursue my Phd on related fields.

Upon accomplishing these all, I would like to work inthe area of Research and Development (R&D) in this technology. It is in R&D that I believe I can make the greatestcontribution, utilizing my theoretical background creativity as System Engineer. Finally, I can say that I am lookingforward to joining this Master Degree Program in order to prove my abilities, and gain new skills. I would like tothank you for your time and considerations in advance. I will be patiently waiting for your reply.Yours Sincerely,Aregawi Kidanemariam  


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