1H having HP 5MS column (30mm length x

1H NMR spectra of ethanolic extract of Traenna asiatica was done using Spect instrument. CD3OD (deuterated methanol) was the solvent and a pulse program of zg30 was used. 64 scans were done using spectral width of 8012.820Hz. 1H were the observed nucleus, 400.2024712MHz transmittance frequency and 0.30Hz line broadening were perceived.

GC-MS analysis of sample was performed using Agilent 6890GC with 5973N MSD having HP 5MS column (30mm length x 0.25mm internal diameter x 0.25 thickness dimensions).
Helium was used as the carrier gas with a flow rate of 1ml/min, it was employed with a split ratio of 10:1. Initial injection temperature of 40oC to final temperature of 280oC was used. Ionization source temperature was maintained at 230oC. The oven temperature was programmed from 150oC with a rate of 10oC per minute rise upto 300oC.
Scan interval of 0.5sec and fragments from 29-600 Daltons was done. Total GC running time was 32 minutes. The relative average peak area and retention time, molecular formula with that of molecular weight were obtained.
The interpretation of mass spectrum GC-MS obtained was conducted using the database NIST/WILT2Y (IN 1999). The spectrum of unknown component was compared with spectrum of known component stored in the database library.
The name, molecular weight and molecular formula of the components present in the sample extract were thereby identified.


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