how to effective visualise multi

1)Data visualisation (how to effective visualise multi-channel data)It involves the creation and study of the visual representation ofdata, of statistical graphics and data visualization as relatively moderndevelopments in statistics.

The graphic portrayal of quantitative informationhas deep roots. The histories of visual depiction and of the earliestmap-making, and later into thematic cartography, statistics and statisticalgraphics. They also connect with the rise of statistical thinking and widespreaddata collection and planning. These include technologies for drawing andreproducing images, advances in mathematics and statistics, and newdevelopments in data collection, empirical observation and recording2) Data analytics and miningData analytics and Mining is the process of discovering implicit butuseful knowledge from large data sets using visualization techniques. To form amental vision, image, or picture of (something not visible or present to thesight, or of an abstraction); to make visible to the mind or imagination.” Visualizationis the use of computer graphics to create visual images which aid in theunderstanding of complex, often massive representations of data.

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3) Applications in a Virtual Reality environment for immersiveexperiencingImmersive and interactive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR),are a new milestone in the way we interact with our environment, and even howwe conceive new approaches in our relationship with reality. Virtual realityand other immersive Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have ahigh potential for transforming the real world and the way in which we interactwith it. Thus, as virtual reality can be a powerful tool to bring about changesin social reality itself, it is necessary to define and analyse its potentialimplications and influence on how new media and communication technologies cancreate new messages and cultural approaches new approaches in recent years withthe evolution of ICT


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