In the genre with new set of

In the book Disaster Movies byGlenn Kay says “Over the last few decades’disaster films have come to rely more on high tech visual effects and contrivedmoralizing than on the classic combination of old school optical and miniatureeffects, old fashioned storytelling, unapologetic violence. This a genre wherelack of subtlety and an exploitive nature are almost required elements.” (Rose,M, 2005) Today’s disaster movies have evolved the genre with new set of rulesand subgenres and to make the film more realistic and to get as close to thereal incident as possible Filmmakers are experimenting with the craft. Peopleare obsessed with disasters as they are the content of great drama thatinvolves conflicts and horrible tragedy that are ideally present in all successfulfiction dramas and non-fiction possess.

The disasters films resort way foraudience to cope with real life terror situations, feel moved or privilegedenough to not experience it and feel simply alive.

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