16. by the United States Green Building Council

16. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED), which was recently making news:1.     is a rating system devised by the United States Green BuildingCouncil (USGBC)2.     aims to evaluate the environmental performance of a building andencourage market transformation towards sustainable design of a buildingWhich of the above statements is/are correct?a)      Only 1b)      Only 2c)      Both 1 & 2d)      Neither 1 nor 2 17. Which of thefollowing statements is correct about the term “Gyan Chakra” that was recentlymaking news? a)     It is an integrated set of interactive online services thatconnects teachers and students around the world.b)     It is newly formed defence and strategic affairs think tankc)     It is an initiative to increase revenue collection andfacilitate effective implementation of the government schemesd)     It is an initiative to push for complete digitisation of thepublic sector bank (PSB) in India18.

Consider thefollowing pairs of diseases with recently manufactured drugs to cure them:1.     AYUSH-PJ7 –  Dengue2.     AYUSH-SL  LymphaticFilariasis3.     AYUSH M-3 –  MalariaWhich of the above is/are correct? a)      Only 1 & 2b)      Only 2 & 3c)      Only 1 & 3d)      1, 2 & 3 19. The government has launched the Nutrition and HealthTracking System (NHTS) as an online data base for the monitoring nutrition andhealth services of __?1.     Pregnant & Lactating women2.     Children below 1 year and malnourished children below 5 yrs ofage3.

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     Adolescent girlsSelect the correct option from the codes given below:a)      Only 1b)      Only 1 & 2c)      Only 2 & 3d)      1, 2 & 3 20. Two related terms QUELROs and NAMAs were recently makingnews in context with which of the following fields? a)      Power Generationb)      Environment Protectionc)      Nuclear disarmamentd)      Multinational Trade 21.  Consider the following diseases:1.      Dengue2.      Chikungunya3.      Zikafever4.

      YellowfeverWhich of the above are spread by Aedesaegypti mosquito? a.     1 & 2 Onlyb.     1, 2 & 4 Onlyc.

      2 & 4 Onlyd.     1, 2, 3 & 4 22. Considerthe following statements about Magnetic Water Treatment:1.      Themagnetic treatment of water reduces the hardness of the incoming watersupply 2.      Plantstreated with magnetic water have more water holding capacity than those treatedwith normal water3.     Magnetic treatment of water increases thesurface tension of water which facilitates faster movement of nutrients andwater within soilWhich of the above statements is/are correct?a.     1 & 2 Onlyb.     3 Onlyc.

      2 & 3 Onlyd.     1, 2 & 3  23.How is Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)different from the Photovoltaic Panels (PV)?1.      WhileCSP method generates alternating current (DC), PV method produces directcurrent (DC)2.      WhileCSP method utilizes Sun’s heat to generate electricity, PV method uses lightenergy to generate electricity  Select the correct option from codesgiven below: a.     1 Onlyb.

     2 Onlyc.      Both 1 & 2d.     Neither 1 nor 2   24.Considerthe following spacecrafts with planets to which they are associated:1.      Messenger spacecraft?Mercury2.

      Cassini spacecraft?Saturn3.     Orion Spacecraft? Mars  Which of the above is/are correct? a.     1 & 2 Onlyb.

     2 Onlyc.      2 & 3 Onlyd.     1, 2 & 3   25.Considerthe following statements about the Radio-Frequency Identification Devices(RFID):1.      Itrefers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna2.     The RFID devices have to be scanned toretrieve the identifying information of an individual  Which of the above statements is/arecorrect?a.     1 Onlyb.     2 Onlyc.

      Both 1 & 2d.     Neither 1 nor 2 Answer: c 26. Consider the following statements about the WorldwideInteroperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX):1.      It isa broadband wireless technology for point to multipoint wireless networking2.     A single WiMAX antenna can have maximum rangeof 30 metersWhich of the above statements is/are correct?a.     1 Onlyb.     2 Onlyc.      Both 1 & 2d.

     Neither 1 nor 2 27. Consider the following statements about the QuantumSatellite:1.      Quantumsatellite is also known as nanosatellite2.     India launched the world’s first quantumsatellite called MiciusWhich of the above statements is/are correct?e.     1 Onlyf.       2 Onlyg.     Both 1 & 2h.     Neither 1 nor 2 28.

Which of the following is the correct order for the Life Cycle of a Star? a.Nebula, Red Dwarf, White Dwarf, Supernova b.White Dwarf, Red Dwarf, Nebula, Supernova c.Supernova, Nebula, White Dwarf, Red Dwarf d.Nebula, White Dwarf, Red Dwarf, Supernova29.Zeolites are crystalline solids structures made of:1.Silicon2.Aluminium3.

OxygenSelectthe correct option from codes given belowa.     1 & 2 Onlyb.     3 Only c.

      2 & 3 Only d.     1, 2 & 3 30. In recent times, a term White-Fiwas making news. Consider the following statements with this reference:1.

White-Fi provides wireless connectivity by using unused chunks of airwaves2. White-Fi operates between 200-700 MHz bandsWhich among the above is / are correct statements? a. Only 1b.Only 2c.Both 1 & 2d.Neither 1 nor 2 


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