(To regulations to copy the work of another

(To be completed by the student) Please complete Section A Your Student NumberU1700939 Student numbers of other students in your groupU1634265,U1703959,U1704226Programme(e.

g. Business Management) Business ManagementModule Title (e.g. Studying for Business)People Organisations and Management Seminar Group3Module CodeHR4001 Word Count1596 I confirm that no part of this assignment, except where clearly quoted and referenced, has been copied from material belonging to any other person e.g. from a book, handout, another student. I am aware that it is a breach of UEL regulations to copy the work of another without clear acknowledgement and that attempting to do so renders me liable to disciplinary proceedings.

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SECTION B (to be completed by the tutor marking assignment) Feedback Please see in-text comments and detailed rubric feedback Second marker comments Tutors Name Date Received PROVISIONAL MARK HR4001 – Individual reflection group activity Introduction The aim of this essay is to discuss the reflective practice on a group activity, this report will consist of the individual views of myself and the team. Proving experience of working in group or teams (Blease, 2006 cited Kelly, and P.2007). The task as a group of four was to prepare a group report on effectiveness of work and organisations at Volkswagen.

This allowed us to work as a group and to learn and work interactively, as working in small group you tend to learn more during the work process. During this report I will be talking about the reflection on ones actions that took place during the group team work, reflective practice can help us understand our own intentions, values and visions and support us to work in a challenging field where our ethics and morals may be tested, where power relations may be decidedly unequal, and where we may be working in emotionally and physically demanding environments. Also my individual experience through the group work using the Belbin test. learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience (1984, p. 38)1. The theory presents a cyclical model of learning, consisting of four stages shown below. According to Kolbs there are four elements which complete the learning cycle and they are very important, because these elements work one by one and very smoothly, they will take place each other. I will be discussing how we have followed the cycle as a group, Concrete experience made me learn and be involved in a new experience doing a group activity.

Each member as well as myself, we had to get to know each other at first, it was difficult as everyones mind set is different on how they like to work with four different personalities. This came down to reflect observation where as a group we co operated with each other and meeting up on a regular basis was an experience as we had to make sure everyone is doing the right thing. This made us as a group solve problems and come to decisions where everyone is happy with what they are doing. The third theory abstract conceptualisation was when I was daily remixing everyone in the group via message of the comparisons of what they have done so far and what is left to do, also I organised a meeting for everyone in the group to meet up so we can discuss on how the overall report was looking and what needed to be added so everyone was on the same page and knew what we were doing. It was all about reflective on the work and getting together as a team to understand how we should complete the report to its very best, making sure all the information that needed to be added is on the report by working together. As a group of four the task was to research the effectiveness of work and organisation at Volkswagen. We had five key topics which we had to discuss about and include in our report.

There are two types of groups in an organisation, Formal groups and the informal groups. I would say my group was formal group as we officially sanctioned and organised by managerial and other authorities to accomplish organization goals, such as task forces. This is because in the group we designed and discussed how we want to complete the written report and how to start it. To begin with everyone in the group did the Belbin test so each individual knew what team role they play a part in during the group work. When I did the test my summary overall was Team worker and Plant, the other member was Co-ordinator and the other two members were Shaper and Monitor Evaluator.

Once that was out of the way, we then decided as a group the Co-ordinator should put it all together at the end to make sure the report is flowing with each paragraph and makes sense. As I was the team worker, I came up with a strategy of discussing the purpose, aims, objectives and goals so we all understand what the outcome needs to be. This was really important to know and follow because when writing the report everyone knew what they were doing and what research they had to do. The Co-ordinator made sure it is all fair when each person had their part to do in the group work and not only one person has the most pressure on them. It was important for us as a group to work as a team and do regular meet ups after seminar or during the free days we had, as this helped us accomplish the group report because communication is really important and one of the main skills in a group work.

Each member of the group read the core text (King and Lawley) to understand the whole concept of the task on what we have to do so we have a wider knowledge. We all had access to communication via WhatsApp everyday as we had a group chat which was easier for everyone to discuss their ideas and thoughts on how to start the report. Working in a group and getting feedback for the team is one of the main key to increase a sense of learning and vitality. In a team the purpose was achieving an academic goal and making sure the report is meeting all standards it is required in order for us to pass.

We was responsible for one anothers learning as well as mine so the success was to help one another to be successful, below I will discuss the feedback of each individual in the group. One of the struggles we have faced as a group was at first we had five members in a group. In the mid starting the report on of the member to decided to drop out of the group, so we struggled for a while.

Another member was put off by the fact a member dropped out and was willing to leave too, I then as a Team worker had to reassure everyone that we will be fine if we stick together and was willing to take the extra part the person that dropped out had to do. Failing to recognize the positive aspects of work is inappropriate and as Turner, Barling, and Zacharatos (2002, p. 715) have argued it is time to extend our research focus and explore more fully the positive sides, so as to gain full understanding of the meaning and effects of working. There was five key topics that needed to be included in the report, each individual had to do their own research on their part. According to Dr Meredith Belbin, the definition of team role means that A tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.

(Belbin.com, 2012) An individual may identify their team role and knows their behavioural strength and characteristic weaknesses. We able strengthen our strength and manage weaknesses. We can know the team role we play in order to improve efficiency while we are in a team. Through the Belbin test we identified our team roles. This has let us build good relationships, develop high performing teams and raise self awareness and personal effectiveness. When doing the test I got the score that describes my personality.

I am a Team worker and Plant. Also each team member has their own characteristics and having the ability to contribute to the team. We all had different outcome when doing the Belbin test which was a good thing as a we all had different strengths and weaknesses. My score was the highest for Team worker than Plant was slightly lower. I understood myself better after I did the test, as I knew about my strength and I was also able to manage my weaknesses, Being a team worker I was able to keep team spirit by allowing other members to contribute effectively. The advantages this test has given me, was that I knew my role play within the group and how to position myself. Each member knew that they responsible, as a result the perfect outcome generates from a team.

I understand that the task that I had to complete and let all my team members do their best in their part. In my opinion, everyone has different learning styles. The main important thing is that I usually learn a lot of knowledge from the internet, books, and from my lectures and seminar tutors.

We have received feedback from our seminar tutor on our report as we have given it to him twice to read through just before we completed it. The feedback from the tutor was really helpful as it helped us improve and do better on completing the report. Conclusion In this assignment as a group, I have learned a lot of information about how you can learn in different ways and what my part of the role is as a team by doing the Belbin test. This has helped me to become more successful in the future. This group activity has made me understand the reality of working as a team, I perceive knowledge, skills and ideas that I had learned from this and be useful in the future. I should develop professional development and always have the skills and knowledge enhancement in order to sustain my professional development. Also has helped my find out my weakness and strengths for the future task I have to take part in a group.

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