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15 disturbing horror films that were banned________________________________________We all know the patterns, characteristics, and characters of horror movies, they’re here to scare us and make us feel cold. The horror films are quite simple and predictable, yet they impress the audience with their special effects and their tense atmosphere. People want to experience their inner fear and take horror movies as a challenge. Horror is a type of art that plays with people’s emotions and the same art becomes so disturbing that it prevents them from seeing it.These forbidden horror films were very bloody, strange, frightening and controversial scenes. Most of them were never released and some have appeared after many years with many of these disturbingly edited scenes.1. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)One of the most notorious movies banned in more than 50 countries revolved around arson, rape, murder, violence and cannibalism.

Just ten days after the movie’s premiere, director Ruggero Deodorato was charged with multiple murder charges, forcing him to admit that the movie was mounted and not stifled. During the shooting, many animals were killed, including a monkey and a large turtle.about2. The last house on the left (1972)It was the master of the horror movie, Wes Craven’s directorial debut, which was violent and disturbing, which resulted in everyone being banned for years. There was a great debate about this highly controversial film that has been storming for years, especially in the UK, which scenes should be removed.about3. The Evil Dead (1981)However, a very low-budget movie that made a lot of money was a nightmare for the actors and the team. Critically acclaimed, this film was banned in Germany, Iceland, Finland, Ukraine, Singapore, and many other countries, and was one of the first films in the UK to be considered an unpleasant video.

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Kingdom.about4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)Due to its extremely violent content, this film was immediately banned in the UK, Brazil, Australia, West Germany, Chile, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Singapore and Sweden.

But this movie is blamed for having influenced the birth of a number of genre tropics.about5. I spit on your grave (1978)It was not one of those horror films, with zombies feeding on humans, but a drama of rape and revenge that included a 30-minute gang rape scene. He was considered one of the worst films of all time and banned in Ireland, 7 years in Australia and only in some Canadian areas.

about6. The Exorcist (1973)A classic between horror movies and the most profitable movie that became the World’s Fair. This disturbing movie brought you to vomit, faint and go crazy. In the UK, the video for this film has been banned for 20 years.

There were rumors that if anyone saw this movie, only one prize would be offered.about7. A Serbian movie (2010)A very disturbing film, banned in France, Australia, Singapore and Spain. Other venues were started with nearly 20 minutes of editing videos. The film was removed from three film festivals in Spain and one in Brazil due to scenes of rape of children, beheading and death due to asphyxia (on a penis) during a rape.about8. OwnershipA cult movie among the horror movies shot in West Berlin based on the true story of a girl obsessed with a demon.

This film was much praised by the critics and Isabelle Adjani won the best actress at the Cannes Film Festival. This movie was very edited for distribution in the United States. UU and in the UK for years until 1999 prohibited.aboutAlso read 20 films with a score of 100% in the list of rotten tomatoes9.

Salò or the 120 days of Sodom (1975)This film was made up of scenes of sexual torture, unfathomable cruelty, and sadism manifesting itself in the darkest chapters of human history, with a woman seeing her eating human excrement. Director Pier Paolo Pasolini was killed before his release. This movie was banned twice in Australia until 2010 and has never been released in cinemas. It has also been banned in the UK, New Zealand and other countries. A dealer was arrested for renting the film in Ohio.

about10. Faces of Death (1971)A pseudo-documentary horror film that has been frightening the public for years, despite being banned in 46 countries. It contained scenes of a “bloody” blood fight, an animal


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