Rules assigning any reason. 14.The recognition granted

Rules and Conditions1.

An application for recognition shall be addressed to the Director, Agency Investigation Panel IATA. 2. The application for grant of approval shall be in the prescribed form.

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The objective of recognition is to promote and develop air transport and tourism industry at global, regional and national level. 3. Travel agency has to be in the business for the last two to three years. 4. The travel/tour company must have professional staff members, qualified from IATA approved institutions. 5. The agency must have financial credibility. 6.

The location of the agency must be freely accessible and clearly identified to the tourists. 7. Security for the control of airlines tickets block/stock. 8.

Ability to generate business. 9. The travel/tour company granted approval shall be entitled to such rights and privileges as may be granted by the Association from time to time and shall abide by the several terms and conditions of recognition as prescribed by the Association from time to time. 10.The agency must attach audited annual reports with the application form. 11.The agency must attach the statement of International Sales with the application form.

12.The decision of the IATA in the matter of recognition shall be final. The association may refuse to recognize any Travel/Tour company without assigning any reason. 13.

The association reserves the right to withdraw at any time, the recognition already granted, without assigning any reason. 14.The recognition granted by the IATA shall not automatically entitle the Travel Agency/ Tour Operator to be approved by any other organization/association.


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