(ii) Nijamuddin and Jhansi. (vi) Rajdhani Express –

(ii) Sarvodaya Express – between Ahmedabad and New Delhi. (iii) Grand Trunk Express – between New Delhi and Chennai. (iv) Kalka Mail – between Kalka and Howrah. (v) Taj Express – between Hazrat Nijamuddin and Jhansi. (vi) Rajdhani Express – between New Delhi and Howrah; and also between Mumbai and New Delhi.

A duplicate Rajdhani was introduced on July 1, 1991 between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Mumbai Central. Also introduced between New Delhi and Chennai, New Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram, New Delhi and Bangalore, New Delhi and Bhubaneswar, New Delhi and Jammu, New Delhi and Guwahati, New Delhi-Patna, New Delhi -Thiruvananthapuram via the Konkan Railway (April ’98). (vii) Deccan Queen – between Mumbai and Pune. (viii) Jayanti Janata – 2nd class deluxe trains introduced between Delhi-Muzaffarpur, Delhi-Cochin and Delhi-Ahmedabad.

(ix) Tamil Nadu Express – between New Delhi and Chennai. It was the first double-headed train to be introduced in India. It carries 22 bogies with a seating capacity of over 1,100 persons. (x) Jhelum Express – between Pune and Jammu Tawi. (xi) Geetanjali Express – Howrah to Mumbai. (xii) Shan-e-Punjab – New Delhi to Amritsar.

(xiii) Himalayan Queen – Delhi to Kalka. (xiv) Shatabdi Express – New Delhi to Bhopal (started in July 1988). India’s fastest train in running at a speed of 140 km per hour. The second Shatabdi Express was introduced between Delhi and Kanpur (in March 1989) and later extended to Lucknow.

Another Shatabdi runs between New Delhi and Kalka. Shatabdi Express trains also run between New Delhi and Dehradun, New Delhi and Jaipur, New Delhi and Amritsar, Chennai and Mysore. These are essentially Inter-City Expresses with limited stops.

Jan Shatabdi and Garib Rath Trains have also been introduced; these trains have ordinary II class accommodation. In the latest Rly. budget Ms. Mamta Bannerjee has introduced DORANTO express Trains — They will fly nonstop between various pair of stations – Delhi – Sealdeh, Delhi-Puona etc.


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