Slavery and since they were a bit

Slavery lasted for a very long time,  246 years of complete cruelty and unfairness to the Africans. The Africans were shipped on a ship, chained together in miserable conditions and sent to North America, Europe etc’. Africans were very vulnerable to the Europeans to be kidnapped due to their cultural differences and since they were a bit behind on the technology.For many years they were looked at as property to the white, so when they “legally got freed and had rights” they were still treated really badly due to their race. Being the more superior one for a very long time worldwide and having control over a certain race and treating them like property has planted the the idea of ‘race’ and “racism” in peoples heart and then for them to suddenly have rights “legally”  makes it hard for the ignorant people to change their ways especially when a lot of them didn’t want to.From being looked at as their property to suddenly having the same rights has grown hatred in the white people’s hearts so even tho they had “rights” they were looked down upon, looked at as stupid and simply trash, they wouldn’t qualify for any decent jobs. They had no word over a white man, the white man was always prioritized, so yes they have “rights” but definitely were nowhere as equal as the white folks. In the declaration of independence, it states that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” but that definitely wasn’t applied or enforced. But white people still terrified black people by killing them for nothing, or for almost nothing. And no white judge or jury in the south would send any white man to jail for killing a black man. White people often killed black people without a trial, by lynching.The next amendment, which was created to stop black suffrage was the 15th amendment. Although amendment stated that there should be no discrimination based on “race, color, nativity, property, education or religious beliefs”  to vote but southern whites found loopholes and would deny the blacks the rights to vote by placing “literacy tests, property qualification, and poll taxes. Although the government had passed laws, they had failed to implement and enforce the rules and regulations due to their own political gains.They were also looked at as “uncivilized, unintelligent” due to their cultural differences so that would be a reason why they wouldn’t “qualify” for decent jobs. During the Depression, some race scientist sought to justify economic and social inequality by attributing certain characteristics such as criminal behavior, work ethic, and intelligence to race, using the theory of genetic inheritance.


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