There are many viewpoints in

 There are many viewpoints in the AchiMateCore Framework. The main purpose of the various viewpoints is delivering thekey messages of the core framework.

The viewpoints can be classified as designing,deciding, and informing perspectives. The Actor Co-operation view point explainsthe mutual relationships between actor and environment. To successfully implementthe a chosen business process in the framework using Actor Co-operationviewpoint, the business actors and the software programs can be integrated witheach other and occur at the same time. As the name of its term, the BusinessFunction viewpoint interprets message as a business side of perspective. Therefore,the viewpoint illustrates the primary functions and relationships in accordancewith information, value chain, and products in the core framework.

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Businessprocess viewpoint is used to show the parent structure and configuration of oneor more business processes. The viewpoint includes the followingconsiderations: 1) the business process is an external service that representshow the process devotes its effort to the product strategy implementation, 2)business processes reminds the importance of each role’s responsibilities, and3) business process actually uses the information that is located in thesystem.  The Business Process Co-operation viewpoint mightbe similar with business process viewpoint. However, the business processco-operation viewpoint is used when more than one business is used in theframework. 


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