Dear returned ever since we opened an account

Dear Sir, We are having a current account with you bearing no. ____________. Our monthly turnover is above ____________ (Amount) and our amount has never been overdrawn against our current account. Besides, not a single cheque of ours has been returned ever since we opened an account with you about ____________ (Years) ago. As we are now planning to enter into export market, we need additional funds of ____________ (Amount). We have been able to raise ____________ (Amount) from our friends and other sources but we still need ____________ (Amount) and hence we approach you for an overdraft facility of this amount.

We are enclosing a photocopy of our assessment for the ____________ (Year) for your perusal and also copies of balance sheets and profit and loss account for the last three years. We can mortgage our stock, which is always worth ____________ (Amount) and above. Looking forward to your immediate action in the matter. Thanking you Yours faithfully,(Your Name) for (Company Name) Manager

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2. Letter Regarding Enquiring about Bank Balance

From(Company Name)(Address)(Date) ToThe Manager (Bank Name)(Address) Sub: Credit balance____________ current account no.

____________, ____________ (Company Name) Dear Sir, Please inform the bearer, (Name) our accounts assistant, our credit balance as on today ____________ (Date). Thanking you Yours faithfully, (Your Name)

3. Letter Regarding Stopping Payment of a Cheque

From(Company Name)(Address)(Date) ToThe Manager(Bank Name)(Address) Dear Sir, This is to request you to stop payment of cheque no. ____________ dated ____________ for ____________ (Amount) issued in favour of ____________ (Company Name) as we have issued a fresh cheque no. ____________, dated ____________ for the same amount in favour of ____________ (Company Name). We understand from them that they have not received our earlier cheque sent to them by ordinary post. Thanking you Yours faithfully (Your Name) for (Company Name)Manager


Letter Forwarding Documents of Clients to the Bank

To, The Manager, (Bank Name)(Address) Dear Sir, Please find enclosed a copy of R.R. /G.

R. No.____________ dated ____________ along with Bill No. ____________ dated ____________ for ____________ (Amount) (In Words). Kindly deliver the same to: ____________ (Company Name) Against payment of the above amount at ____________ (Amount) days sight. On realization kindly credit the proceeds to our Current A/c No.

____________, ____________ (Bank Name with Address). All bank charges are to be collected by the aforesaid party. The Documents should be returned to us if not cleared within days.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)

5. Letter Presenting a Guarantor for Overdraft

Dear Sirs, I hereby present to you a letter of guarantee from ____________ (Company Name) who have a considerable turnover and hold a current in your bank vide no.____________ duly signed and stamped, as required. I therefore, request you to initiate the proceedings towards sanctioning me an overdraft facility to the tune of ____________ (Amount) against this surety Bond. Thanking You, Your Faithfully,(Your Name)


Complaint Letter to Bank Regarding Missing Entry from our Current Account Statement

Dear Sir, To our surprise we found two entries missing from our Current Account statement vide A/c no.____________ on ____________ (Date) we deposited ____________ (Amount) in cash, and later on we sent a cheque for ____________ (Amount) drawn on the ____________ (Bank Name) in our favour. Rectify your error immediately and send me a fresh statement. Please do the needful and oblige.

Thanking you, Yours sincerely, (Your Name)

7. Letter to Bank Requesting for Overdraft

Dear Sir, We have a Current Account in your Bank in the name of ____________ (Company Name). We wish to have overdraft facilities up to ____________ (Amount) for a period of ____________ (Months). If you require we can offer Insurance Policies and Postal Saving Certificates, etc., to the tune of ____________ (Amount) as security against the same. We would be obliged if you let us know if this can be arranged immediately and also guide us regarding the relevant documentation. If any further details are required our Accountant will be glad to see you in person.

Yours faithfully, (Your Name)

8. Letter Regarding the Dishonoured Cheque

To,The Manager, (Bank Name)(Address) Dear Sir, I am so surprised to know that my cheque No. ____________ dated ____________ for ____________ (Amount) issued in favour of ____________ (Name) has been dishonoured by your bank. On ____________ (Date) there was a credit balance of ____________ (Amount) and a further amount of ____________ (Amount) was deposited with you on ____________ (Date) vide my cheque No. ____________ dated ____________ issued by ____________ (Name) in our favour. There was sufficient time in collecting the proceeds of my cheque of ____________ (Date) for ____________ (Amount) and so there is hardly any reason that the balance to my credit may have fallen short of the required amount resulting in the dishonour of my cheque. I would appreciate if you please let me know immediately the circumstances under which my cheque has been dishonoured. Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


Letter Requesting for Bank Credit

To,The Manager, (Bank Name)(Address) Sir, We are pleased to state that our export trade in readymade garments has increased considerably in recent months. Now, it has become necessary to enlarge production capacity, but we are not in a position to finance this with our present resources alone. We would, therefore, request you to allow us credit to the extent of 70% of the present value of our assets. We look forward to your early positive reply.

Please let us also know your service charges in this regard. Yours faithfully, (Your Name)

10. Letter to Bank for Opening a Current Account

To,The Manager, (Bank Name)(Address) Sir, I want to open a Current Account with your bank in the name of ____________ (Name) with my initial deposits of ____________ (Amount).

I agree to comply with the rules of the bank governing Current Account. I shall be obliged if you issue me a cheque book of ____________ (No. of Cheques).

The Current Account form duly filled-in with my specimen signatures and an Introductory Letter are enclosed. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Your Name)

11. Request to Bank for Extension of Time

To,The Manager (Bank Name)(Address) Sir, My next payment will be due on ____________ (Date). Due to an unexpected emergency that has occurred, I will be unable to make this payment by ____________ (Date). I am requesting an extension of time to make this payment. If you review my file, I believe you will find that my payments have generally been made in a timely fashion.

My relationship with your bank is very important to me, as well as my desire to maintain a good credit rating. Thank you very much for your consideration of this request. Yours Faithfully,(Your Name)


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