(3) professionally and effectively. Today’s teachers, even

(3) Decision making. (4) Persuading others to a course of action. (5) Developing team spirit and a spirit of co-operation. (6) Reviewing performance of students, teachers and the institution, (7) Identifying future programmes and courses of action for improvement. (8) Handling grievances of staff, students and parents.

(9) Assigning academic, administrative and co-curricular tasks to staff members in accordance with their interest, abilities and aptitudes. (10) Planning of new activities, projects and experiments. (11) Formulating policies jointly and democratically. According to Verghese, the purpose of a staff meeting is to stimulate and to encourage teachers individually and co-operatively, to help them to ascertain their needs, to accept their responsibilities, to analyze their problems and to grow professionally and effectively.

Today’s teachers, even if inexperienced or newly recruited do not want to be ‘ruled’ by the principal. They want to express their opinions and ideas on policy-related matters and problems facing them in a non-threatening environment and without fear of offending their boss. A staff meeting offers such an opportunity where every teacher can contribute to the effective functioning of the institution and plays a role in shaping the institution’s academic and professional life.


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