11-Egeln on Yarmouk University website from the

11-Egeln and Laura, 2015 study entitled:  “An Empirical Investigation of the Impacts of
Website Quality on Consumer Loyalty: A Case of Baby Boomers”

The aim of
this study is to study the correlations between the quality of the site and the
quality of the overall site, and examine the relationship between the qualities
of the site in general and consumer satisfaction and confidence. The data were
collected through a questionnaire. Positive impact on the quality of the site
in general. After the quality of the information positively affected the quality
of the site generally understood, but after the quality of information did not
affect the overall positive satisfaction and consumer loyalty. In addition, the
results also showed that the quality of the site positively affects the

Zhe, and Chenyan Gu, 2015 study entitled: 
” Effects Of consumer social interaction on trust  in online Group_Buying context: An Empirical
study in china”

e-shopping group by context is one of the kinds of e shopping, which is
affected by the environment of the social communication of consumers. Preceding
researchers have found that in the electronic environment, trust can have a
important impact on consumers’ intentions of buying. Which affect consumer
confidence in the e-procurement group through context in China.

results of this practical study on the electronic procurement group in the
context of products and services suggest that social communication has an
important impact on consumer and informational consumer trust. However, the
information has an impact on consumer trust more in service contexts, while
standards affect confidence more in product contexts.

13    Mohammed Al Omari and
Yousif Clinics, 2015 study entitled: “The degree of availability of web
design standards at Yarmouk University website from the point of view of ICT

The study aimed at revealing the degree of
availability of web design standards on Yarmouk University website from the
point of view of ICT specialists. The study sample consisted of 32 faculty members
and 22 computer technicians working at Yarmouk University in Jordan. In order
to collect the data, the researchers developed a questionnaire consisting of
(42) sections divided into six sections namely: site operating standards,
navigation, language, design, screen appearance, accuracy and modernity. To
answer the study questions, we used the arithmetical averages, the standard
deviations, and the tit test. The results of the study indicated that there
were statistically significant differences in the function variable and for the
technicians. The results also indicated that there were no statistically
significant differences in years of experience.

14-Xiao, Lin, et al, 2016 study entitled:
“Building loyalty in e-commerce towards a multidimensional trust-based
framework for the case of China”

This study
aimed to provide an integrated research model to test the relationship between
the dimensions of trust and electronic loyalty, and the interactions between
the dimensions of confidence, so that the data was collected through a survey
on the Internet in Chinese The results showed that the three dimensions of
trust all have significant effects on electronic loyalty and In addition, the
quality of information, security and protection are important factors that
determine institutional trust. Guidance has also been given to future research
to further study confidence dimensions in the contexts of using e-commerce or
information technology.

15-  Matute, Jorge, et al,
2016 study entitled: “The influence of EWOM characteristics
on online repurchase intention mediating roles of
trust and perceived usefulness”

This paper
aimed to explore and review the characteristics of consumers, so that the
modeling of structural equations was used on a sample of 252 customers online.
The questionnaire targeted Internet users who had previously purchased online
and read online reviews from the vendor’s website. So that only showed a
positive direct impact on consumers in the EWOM re-purchase results that

This paper
describes ways to improve management effects through the development of mobile
applications or the website.

it suggests public advice to provide online reviews in a way that is useful for
users who visit websites So that this study is considered one of the first
studies that proposed an integrative model and customer responses to understand
the behavior of repurchase

Vassileva, (2016) study entitled: “An Empirical Analysis of the Perception of
Mobile Website Interfaces and the Influence of Culture

The persuadability and credibility of a website depend
on users’ perception and interpretation of the various design elements that
characterize its user interface. While so much has been done in the web domain
to investigate the role culture plays in the perception of websites and the
need for personalization along cultural lines, very little has been done in the
mobile domain to uncover the differences that exist between the Western and
African cultures. To bridge this gap, we carried out a quantitative study among
233 subjects to investigate how the perceptions of four systematically designed
mobile websites 1) vary between these two cultures using Canada and Nigeria as
a case study; and 2) can be leveraged for tailoring mobile websites for both groups.
Our findings show both cultures differ in their perceptions of mobile websites
with respect to aesthetics, usability, and credibility, with the Nigerian group
being less critical in its judgment and more attracted to colorful websites.

2.6 Study
Contribution to Knowledge

Some comparisons as follows have been made to
illustrate what distinguishes the current study from previous studies: 

First study to be conducted on the moderating effect of online trust
on the relationship between quality of the mobile website and behavioral
intention in private universities for Amman – Jordan.

All previous studies investigated the relationships between two
related variables, while this one is linking three variables together.

This study is distinguished by the place where it’s applied; in the
private universities-Amman. Not like other studies where the application was on
another countries.

The study focused on online trust and how it played a moderating role
in the research, other studies none of the variables was playing a moderating
or mediating role.

This study is based on
true facts and answers from students in private university.


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