10 to be missed insight into his style

10 Must-Read Books (Non-Fiction), for Law Students & Lawyers    “A lawyer without books would be like workman without tools.”                                                                                                             -Thomas JeffersonBooks are valuable companions for the change of a person from student to lawyer. They can advise, encourage, and mold views of the legal profession, by helping in develop key skills or spark an interest in a particular field. Here’s a list of the 10 must read books (nonfiction) for law students…1.

NaniPalkhivala: The Courtroom Genius by Soli J. Sorabjee and Arvind P. Datar- Known as one of the most sought after lawyer and has remained so after 5 decades of his career, Palkhivala is renowned for his extraordinary of persuasion and concentration in his field, he has authored many fine books on law and is his reputation for a constitutional law is well earned he has argued almost all the important cases of constuituional law such as Bank Nationalisation, Mandal Commission, GolakNath, Privy Purses and election commission matter.The book gives a not to be missed insight into his style of working in the field of advocacy. No student of law or lawyer should miss this reading.2. India’s legal system:can it be saved?-Fali S. Nariman-  India having the longest constitution in the world and legal profession as its second largest profession, the backlog of cases in its judicial system provides little to no confidence to a common man.

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In this book advocate Fali s. nariman search for possible explanation and critically analyze the criminal justice system and the elaborates over social key issues.This book provide with frankness and reality of the system and looks for not only problem of the judicial system but multiple solution as well, which can be summed up by the legal maxim “justice delayed is justice denied.”3.

10 Judgments That Changed India by Zia Mody-               A law career without case laws is not possible to understand the legal system present now it is important to know the evolution of the same, this books provides with 10 most important cases that shaped judiciary as it is now. These judgements were life altering for not only the legal system but for common man too, . The author tries to portray the whole picture of few of  controversial cases, like Maneka Gandhi versus the Union Bank of India, Olga Tellis versus the Bombay Municipal Corporation , Mohammed Ahmed Khan versus Shah Bano Begam and, the Union Carbide Corporation versus Union of India  and few others, trying to highlight the effects of the final verdicts by the supreme court.4. The Case that Shook India  The verdict that led to the emergency by Prashantbhushan- In his book by lawyer-politician Prashant Bhushan display theproceedings of the Supreme Court in the landmark case of Indira Gandhi vs Raj Narain which formed political history of india. The book deliberate about the election petition that was filed by Raj Narain against Indira Gandhi’s parliament election in 1971.

The author is also the son of the lawyer who represented Raj Narain in the court. 5. The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of A Nation by Granville Austin- The book gives a history of the Indian Constituent Assembly and the formation of the Indian constitution. A law student or a lawyer should have a firm grasp of the constitution as it’s the main component of our legal system being the largest constitution of the world.6.

Burden Of  Democracy by Pratap Bhanu Mehta- The book discusses and analyses the problem suffered by the democracy of India after 7 decades of its birth, throwing some light on the primary reasons of the decline of the Indian democracy and also puts forward some very crucial and rational solutions to the problems. The Author counsel not only the leaders but people of the society for a “collective action” for reclaim the declining democracy. This “collective action”, the author clears in essay, “will include moral responsibility and social well being.”7.

Madame Prosecutor by Carla del Ponte- “THERE is no way to…cushion the disappointment and sense of anticlimax,” writes Carla Del Ponte, the former chief prosecutor of the UN’s Yugoslav war crimes tribunal, “because the simple fact of failure is the simple fact of failure.” These startling words conclude her book about the eight years she spent chasing Balkan war criminals. But perhaps they are not so surprising, after all.Carla Del Ponte is the resilient, undaunted and extraordinary  prosecutor of our time.Being the former chief prosecutor of the UN UN International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia and Rwanda, she was the one who to make sure that those who were responsible for the genocides were charged and held accountable.

This is a must read for all who are interested in the international law and want feel its effectiveness by giving people all over the world a hope.8. My Life – Law and other things  by SetalvadMotilal C. This is an Autobiography that describes the journey of the first attorney general of Bombay of independent India, Motilal Setalvad is the true role model for every law student and one can learn a lot from his years described in the book as a law studnt and a lawyer and get inspired from his work done by him in UN proceedings over the matter of Kashmir and other important cases.

9. The Rebel: A Biography of Ram Jethmalani by Susan Adelman Ram Jethmalani has been called many things a” legal legend”, a “wizard of the law” and a” magnet for controversy with a knack for defending the most notorious figures in India.” With a career stretching the entire history of independent India, he has managed to influence the respect of many and raise anger in equal measure. he is the one of the founders of the National School of Law, Bangalore; and was among the first to broach the subject of corruption in India, one of the longest-serving parliamentarians.In The Rebel: A Biography of Ram Jethmalani, Susan Adelman, a longtime friend, presents the most updated, authentic and detailed account of his life. Peppered with personal accounts, unknown facets of his life and insider tidbits, the book reveals the man behind the larger-than-life persona of Ram Jethmalani.10.

The Constitution of India: A Contextual Analysis (Constitutional Systems of the World) Paperback – by Arun K Thiruvengadam- This book provides an overview of the content and functioning of the Indian Constitution, with an emphasis on the broader socio-political context. It focuses on the overarching principles and the main institutions of constitutional governance that the world’s longest written constitution inaugurated in 1950. The nine chapters of the book deal with specific aspects of the Indian constitutional tradition as it has evolved across seven decades of India’s existence as an independent nation.

Beginning with the pre-history of the Constitution and its making, the book moves onto an examination of the structural features and actual operation of the Constitution’s principal governance institutions. These include the executive and the parliament, the institutions of federalism and local government, and the judiciary. An unusual feature of Indian constitutionalism that is highlighted here is the role played by technocratic institutions such as the Election Commission, the Comptroller and Auditor General, and a set of new regulatory institutions, most of which were created during the 1990s. A considerable portion of the book evaluates issues relating to constitutional rights, directive principles and the constitutional regulation of multiple forms of identity in India. The important issue of constitutional change in India is approached from an atypical perspective.


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