10 the weight every week. Don’t skip

10 Lessons Learned from Squatting 400 Pounds Squats are probablythe most difficult exercise and squatting with 400 pounds is not an easy task. Thebodybuilders you see in the gym or in anycompetitions that lift pounds of weight did not achieve it in a day, theypracticed it for years, followed a strictdiet, and many more.

They train themselves to lift maximum weight every day. Here we have 10 lessons that we canlearn from a person who achieved squatting with 400 pounds of weight. 1.     Do it right and with the right trainer. If you are new in the field thendon’t think of starting doing all alone. It’s always good to take advice. Do itwith stronger people, because when you will see more weights in their bars thenyou will feel motivated.

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2.      Try not to miss exercises. Here’s the formulafor hunching down 400 pounds: Make a routine of doing squats2-3 times a week.Increase the weight every week.

Don’t skip the gym for long period.3.      If all else fails, go slower. If you thinkthat you cannot increase 10 pounds every week then start with 5 pounds. The mostimportant thing is you should not get hurt during the workout. 4.

      Your first and most important concern shouldbe your health. If you are stressed then it’s impossible to focus on yourworkout and maybe, you end up hurtingyourself.   5.

      Consistency and practice are important. Your warm up should be same asyour workout. To achieve certain results you require practice. Practice hardand regularly. The person who practicesthe most does the work perfectly.

6.      Don’t raise the questions like whatsurrounding people are thinking of me? Am I doing it right?  If you are powerful and doing a great job then, you will gain positiveattention and comparison, it makes you feel confident about yourself. But firstof all, you should be confident thatwhatever you are doing is great. 7.      Focus on the volumebefore intensity.

Start with light weights and slowly increase the weight. It requiresyour patience and hard work but results will be tremendous. If you are readywith lots of volumes then work on yourintensity. 8.     Measure your everyday records. Never thinkthat you cannot do it or cannot carry this much weight.

Never lose hope, maybenot today but tomorrow or day after tomorrow you will succeed. 9.      Always keep yourself motivated. If you enterthe gym with motivation and dedication then your frequency of workout increases.  10.                        Don’t see yourself in the mirror because it shows you the one linepicture. Feel your body.Diet holds the most important place in your workout.

Eat healthy and keepyourself fit. 


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